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Ebash Inc. / Fraud and scam

1 2303 S. 3rd St.Terre Haute, IN, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 812-235-0040

My son had an incident at Ebash when he was 14 years old. After another kid repeatedly bothered, hit and harassed him, he told the staff members. they did nothing but tell my son to change the room he was in. My son shoved the other kid after the kid hit him. But because he was upset and called the staff worker a name, he has been banned for life.

I believe my child was very wrong in his actions and deserved punishment and a probation period but to be banned for life for such an offense is beyond reason. Especially when the other child involved received no punishment and was even involved in another incident with another child where he actually hit him in the face and was only suspended for a short time.

I have tried repeatedly to talk to the owner, but he will not return my phone calls. I had the opportunity to talk to him once and he told me he would be discussing it soon with the staff. that was 4 months ago. Once I was told to go to their website but only employees can access information.

I have another son that still goes there so I know the other kid is allowed to be there and has caused trouble with others after this happened. Also this kid happens to be a family friend of the owner and were just paying customers.

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  • Za
      28th of Sep, 2008
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    I was just made aware of this posting by a friend and I find it interesting in so many ways.

    I am the owner you are referring to and let me list some points that you are leaving out of your post:

    #1 - We recently met and decided to let your son come back to eBash for one final time. BOTH of your sons are on probation at the store because of different situations even beyond this one. Obviously you haven't updated this since we allowed him back.
    #2 - Your son was banned more severely after the incident because he actually went out of control when we were kicking him out for fighting. Both parties involved were kicked out and YOUR SON was banned for so long because he screamed, cried and swore profusely at one of our 20 year old female employees. I haven't heard so many F words since the locker room in college athletics.
    #3 - In the past you we have forgiven other fighting incidents for your sons and in fact one of your sons stole an MP3 player that we caught on our security cameras. We called you and allowed them to return the stolen item without calling the police. It is funny that since this incident you are complaining about above was the most current you seem to forget about the past incidents.
    #4 - The other child involved didn't get banned as long because he acted maturely the night of the fight when we kicked him out. The large BAN on your son happened after he lost control of his actions with the employees right in the lobby and made a scene. I was there and I watched in horror as he said things that I hope you would not tolerate either.
    #5 - The other child is not a family friend and just a paying customer like yourself. I do not know the family at all outside of eBash. His mother comes inside to pay for her kids to stay and I talk to her then. You drop your kids outside and I have only seen you when you came to the store to complain that your kids couldn't come back to the store.
    #6 - This is totally irrelevant to the discussion but I think that it could be used as a character reference. We have a strict no-smoking policy in the building and in front of the building. Since your kids have come to the store they have been smoking and we have to continually remind them not to smoke in front of the building. They started coming here when they were 12 or 13 and they have smoked the entire time. I won't share my opinion on this but I think it needed to be noted on this account.

    If anyone ever has any problems with one of our stores call 812.235.0040 and ask for me. I travel to our different stores so I will more than likely return your call in a few days time. Please do not just post something on a complaint site especially if you are doing so just to damage the business' reputation and not include all of the facts in the situation.

    Zack Johnson, President
    eBash LLC

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