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I purchased a download of an e-book from the eat weight off company recently for $49.95.I decided after reading the material that it was of no interest to me and filled the refund form directly from their website, as they advertise a 60 day refund policy.They ignored my first message.I e-mailed them again and got a bogus reply explaining that they were experiencing technical issues and would “hopefully” be able to study my request once the problem gets fixed.I wrote back and demanded that they refund me immediately or be ready to face a legal action.They are ignoring all my messages .I read many reviews from other users who had the same problem and it seems to be a recurrent occurrence and their technique is to just ignore the buyer until they stop writing.Well, I won’t stop, I want a refund, no matter what it takes.What should I do?

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  • Mr
      Jul 04, 2011

    If you payed by credit or debit card, you can call your bank and let them know what is going on. They can get your money back. this happened to me about a month ago, not with this company. I had my money back within 24 hours. I hope this helps.

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  • Jk
      Jul 04, 2011

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