EasyJet / delayed luggage

England, Kent, GB

I have tried every single site I can think of to try and actually get a response to a complaint and possibly some composation to the fact that I went on holiday to Malta a couple of weeks ago. Flew with Easyjet, when I arrived in Malta at 2.25am you guessed it no luggage, a lady gave me a phone no to ring the following morning after 9.30am to see what had happened, I phoned only to be told that she wasnt in the office and that she would ring me back, I waited and waited and then approx 4.30 that afternoon my mobile rang and I thought yippee I am going to get my bag back but it was a lady ringing me from Alicante saying that my bag was there and where was I, I said that I was in Malta and she then told me that they dont have a direct flight to Malta from Spain and that my bag would have to go back to Gatwick and then come on the next available flight out to Malta which worked out to be the day after in the morning so I was having to wash out my clothes unable to go in the pool in 40 degree heat for a total of 3 days even going on an excursion in the same clothes and being very hot. Who the hell do I get hold of at easyjet or anyone else to make myself heard.

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