EasyJet / hand luggage trap

England, Greater London, United Kingdom

Booked a return flight London to Bologna and paid for all the unfair extra charge for using a debit card.

Packed my hand luggage into a suitable quality Kirkland cabin baggage that I purchased from the reputable Cosco in Walnut Creek in California USA. Measured the bag with a tape measure to make sure that it was the correct size...exact. On checking- in at London Gatwick the bag was 1cm too large for the frame size that Easyjet claim as being their limit. I was charged £105.00 for the bag to go into the hold. I suspect that the Easyjet hand baggage gauge frame is suitably under size, as travellers rarely carry a tape measure. What a wonderful contrived snare to extort extra from passengers who have no other choice other than pay or abort their flight. Easyjet your reputation is spreading around the world...Easyjet...the masters of air-piracy...never, ever again...

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