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Bristol, VA, United States
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I got a couch that has been messed up and it keeps breaking in different places, when I addressed this with the Bristol Virginia Store they were extremely rude, as in Mrs. Mindy Campbell said I'm not worried about your computer and stated the couch was not broke when it came from the store and proceeded to tell me to call the store at the local number, after telling her personally I was filing a corporate complaint she said please do, these people have been taking money and when my lease agreements have been nothing but outrageous, also Mindy has twisted my lease payments to make me pay more money than what I can actually get it at for retail and also adding onto my payments as well, My ps3 has been paying for 3 1/2 years after almost 3 months into paying it off the equipment quits working and they replaced it from Gamestop and added 18 more months than when my tv got accidently broken told me they couldn't replace my tv and added 2 more years onto my tv payment, plus the tv I no longer have due to the facts it broken by one of my cats. I already paid 12 months on the tv giving me 24 more months on a 32 inch hisense tv that no longer works had to be thrown into the trash. I Also had a laptop that was broken by a person whom I took a warrant on Mr. Campbell the store manager of The Bristol and Kingsport location made me pay for something I did not do, now that I'm leasing another laptop the video driver is out of commission it will not update nor stay on long enough to do anything. The level of business this store does is downright rude and obnoxious, they do not take good care of their equipment and they do not fix what needs to be fixed, and their furniture has burn holes and scratches and all kinds of stuff on their equipment, my washer has a dent in it on both sides plus my dryer is scratched and dented. the lamps have a short in them on one of them I fixed that personally, we also purchased two or three different tvs from them on the facts they kept raising the prices and not leaving them at fixed rate but ripping us off saying we owe this amount than this amount than this amount and nothing was added to the lease agreement .

Oct 19, 2017

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