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1 Greenfield, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8885310097

This is to WARN everyone who is considering purchasing this product from Easy Water, BEWARE!

Before I made my decision to purchase this product I called Easy Water direct, to ask if they had a representative from their company in my area. They replied YES. They then asked for my contact information and said their representative would contact me. (Which he did one hour later). We set an appointment to meet at my home.

He introduced himself as a Dealer working for Easy Water. I asked him what I needed to provide soft, drinkable water which would have NO smell.
(As I have Well Water).

He assured me he would contact and discuss my situation with Easy Water and then recommend the proper equipment to fulfill my need.

Two days later he stated that the Easy Water recommended the proper System to fulfill my needs.

He asked for a deposit to order the system. Before I gave him the check, I called Easy Water once more to confirm that he was an authorize dealer and representative of their company. They assured me he was an authorized dealer and Easy Water representative I could trust. They further stated ALL their products were fully warranted.

After the products were installed and FULLY Paid for, the water is not soft and tastes bad. After taking a shower your body is sticky, as if you just finished working in the hot sun. Plus water marks are left all over the sink, faucets and shower walls.

I contacted Easy Water. They first stated their representative LIED and misrepresented their product. They also stated he has NO affiliation with Easy Water. That he was only a dealer. They further stated that their product was NOT capable of doing what I requested. This is after spending $7000 on a system Easy Water NOW states does not work!

In my last phone call, they said there was nothing they could do for me and hung up the phone.

I will be taking legal action against Easy Water & their "AUTORIZED DEALER" I highly recommend you keep away from this company!

If anyone has had a similar experience with this company, please call me at [protected] Victor Farinas

Feb 13, 2015

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