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Hi all,

this is for all users who are using files hosting service from since last month easy-share is changed previously this website started with paying all users for whenever their uploaded files is downloaded, now since last month they are handling all accounts manually and not allowing many users to request for money, they show fake traffic count and THEY HAVE NEVER EXPLAINED HOW EXACTLY IT IS CALCULATED.

till they were paying they were gathering many users to get good visitors and good earning but now for whatever reason it is they have started cheating many users, many people are using easy-share service and they are working hard for money but now they are paying only to few people and even they are changing figures and removing many money request.

additionally few people who are purchasing premium account they have been reported that they were billed wrongly and taken additional charges, so beware if you are using your credit card.

and when you submit any support ticket or try to mail either they do not reply to people they thing are useless or they reply after mnay days is such a language that makes no sense.

i dont know why this started fraud and cheating people but this will effect many people who are working hard to earn some money and purchasing premium account...few months back it was very good and was capable of rapidshare kind of service.but now i guess slowly they will be closed.

still i suggest all is best file hosting service without any flaw or fraud.


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      Jul 25, 2011 - It is horrid its downloads take over 30 minutes
    United States

    It is horrid its downloads take over 30 minutes. and the site says it will do really fast downloads if you pay, then when you pay it takes the money from your bank account and does no download at all.

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