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Easy Savers / Proflowers / Unauthorized charges!

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I shopped for some flowers on the and made an online payment. I did not even realize how and where "easy savers" was involved. After a few days, I got an email from easy savers and i simply disregarded it assuming it was some spam mail. I notice they charged me 14.95$ for some membership. I notice others who shopped with proflowers also face the same situation. This makes me believe easy savers & proflowers are together in this scam. Not to mention the unethical ways "easy savers" takes away your money from your card.

I could not yet talk to easy savers or proflowers for my refund. I strongly recommend every one to stay away from these two. Anyone employing such business practices cannot be good. I can only imagine what quality of flowers/vase these guys must have shipped... And I was wondering why did i not get a thank you note from the person who I sent the flowers for!!??!!

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  • Fr
      10th of May, 2008
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    The exact thing happened to me on 05/1/2008.

  • Lu
      28th of Jan, 2009
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    Same exact situation with me. I was charged $14.95 for 4 months after placing a flower order! Do not order thru this company!

  • Ap
      28th of Feb, 2009
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    Easy Savers / Proflowers - Unauthorized membership charges
    United States

    I made an on line credit card purchase of flowers on the website. At the end of the purchase, I was enticed to see if I could save on shipping fees. I entered that I was interested and was led to an Easy Saver web site which initially requested basic personal information. When it provided me a membership number, I perceived that this would amount to a membership with monthly payments, without any immediate benefits in shipping fee reductions, not what I wanted. So, I proceeded to exit from the Easy Saver website as best as I could back to the Proflower website where I completed the flower purchase transaction. Apparently Easy Saver established a membership without clear notification or agreement, without follow up notification by mail or e-mail. I was not aware of this until I saw a $1.95 charge on my credit card statement about a month later. I challenged the charge with my credit card company (in progress). I went to the Easy Saver rewards web site to find that I indeed had an unauthorized membership with them and proceeded to cancel my membership.

  • Mv
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    I also had this happen. I had 13 months of charges for $14.95. "I know I am the idiot who didn't notice until now" I called the number and the woman took off 2 months. I asked to speak to the supervisor and the next woman took off 6 months. I asked to take the whole thing off and I spoke the the next "supervisor" and she credited me the entire $194.35. Don't except anything less than a full credit!!! I must say the rep's were the most kind and friendly people I have ever spoken to... for a scam company. I am just happy that I received a refund and I will never use pro flowers again. The funny thing is as I am typing this there is a window above for pro flowers?????

  • Wi
      20th of Mar, 2009
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    I have been charged $14.95 since May 2008. I finally got through to a spokes person and after 10 minuets of insisting, was promised a refund for the 11 months. I find their tactics unethical at best and criminal be design. It is a scam, and since it is attached to Pro Flowers, I for one will NEVER use their service again. If Pro Flowers is not affiliated with Easy Saver it is hard to see. I would caution anyone against using Pro Flowers.

    William Anderson, CEO Andercorp.

  • Lb
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    On Monday, April 13, I discovered an unauthorized charge to my debit card and when I called the bank to question it, they told me the charge of $14.95 came from a company called EasySaver and gave me their toll-free number which I called. The woman I spoke with explained how it was that online when I ordered a Valentine's Day bouquet I had signed up for their offer of FREE delivery with my next online purchase. I was asked for specific information but never informed that this was tantamount to a membership. Further, I never received an email confirmation of this membership, thus until my discovery on April 13th of the unauthorized charge, monthly charges would have continued until I woke up! I ordered the EasySaver customer service rep to CANCEL my membership and issue credits for March and April debits for a total of $29.90. I'm still waiting for the bank to return my monies to my account!

    This is a scam operation by ProFlowers with EasySavers as a partner!

  • Mr
      6th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Easy Saver is STILL doing it!!! My husband ordered flowers for his mother in May 2009, within days he received the $1.95 charge, and each month after a charge for $14.95 AND now TWO charges in July!!!

  • Eu
      22nd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    The same happend with me 1.5 years ago. Fortunately I found out this scam in 2 months and forced the customer service to pay back. Yesterday I looked through my recent credit card statements and... yes, I found out that I'm paying $14.95 per month again from July to October. I really got mad this time. I'm not going to stop sending flowers to my mom because of some dishonest people. I have asked my colleagues to find Bill Strauss (Proflowers CEO) and to talk to him directly. I can promise you that this "Easy saver" will dissappear very soon, at least, it will change its business behavior.
    Eugene Kagan

  • Tn
      5th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    This happened to us, too. After using Pro Flowers to send flowers to relatives for Christmas who reside in a different state we were charged for services with Easy Saver and EMI American Leisure for $16.95 per service. After talking to a spokes person for Easy Saver she said we would be refunded 15 months for both Easy Saver and EMI. I explained to her that their are a lot of complaints about their companies charging people without their proper authorization and if they didn't take care of the charges they put on my credit card I was definitely pursuing criminal charges against them. She said it would take a month or two at most before the charges would be reimbursed on my credit card but it would be taken care of. She also stated that she knew of all the complaints on the internet that everyone was writing about their companies! I guess the real lesson here is to always pay attention to the charges on your credit cards. My husband pays all of our credit card payments so when the statements come in the mail he pays mine, his and our combine accounts. He started looking at the charges on my accounts and started questioning me about the charges. Their was I Build Wealth and that charged on my account all due to the fact of using Pro Flowers, I believe. I have had to change my card number and am filing a complaint against them. The other lesson is be careful where you give out your credit card number.

  • Br
      12th of Feb, 2011
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    pro flowers intentionaly misleads its customers by making a calendar for delivery charges. it is not listed on the majority of the days what the delivery charges will be. and they charged a standard delivery charge along with a rush order charge for flowers that i chose the day after valentines day to be deliverd, assuming this would be a minimal charge as opposed to the 14.99 they listed for having them delivered on valentines day. i ended up paying 32.$ for delivery charges on a 50$ dollar gift, immediately tried to contact them when i realized what the addl cost were, was told to email my question, emailed 3 times in 3 hours finally got an answer back that only stated order was finalized nothing they could do. never attempted to explain the delivery charges i had questioned.

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