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1 CA, United States


I would like for this to reach someone in management at Easy Life. The Murrieta store manager is being completely unhelpful about an issue I have. I bought an Entertainment Center there last Sunday. We have a space that is 8 feet and ½ inch wide that it can fit into, and we told the sales person this (Dan Bennett). He quickly measured the furniture we liked and said that it is exactly 8 feet wide and should not be a problem. I wish I had not trusted what he said, but I did.

The furniture was delivered yesterday afternoon, and when the deliverymen tried to set it up, it would not fit. It came out to closer to 8’ 2” (we measured the pieces separately, but could not put them together). When I called to find out what we should do, Dan suggested we either send back just part of it and hope for the best with a second version of the same furniture, or send the whole thing back. We refused the full delivery. Dan said he would have the manager (Trina) call us later last night with a decision about what we would owe (knowing that we might just choose another model and they would get more of our business). Trina never called, I called. Trina was “back and forth between multiple stores, and we don’t know when she’ll be back.” I was promised another phone call this morning before the afternoon, which also did not happen. I went by the store after calling and they told me I was their #1 priority, and someone would call me tonight. Just before 6:00 (they close at 7) I called back fearing I wouldn’t hear from them, and my fears were confirmed when the customer service person (Alyssa) told me Trina had not come back to the store and they had “planned” to try her cell phone at home. After they got in touch with Trina, they called me back (first time that’s happened, by the way) and said she “might” have a look at my case tomorrow morning, and “maybe” would have an answer by the end of the week.

We are sitting here with no furniture, and having paid and not received any refund and NO SOLUTION. I am angry enough to write this very long email, and hopefully to then post the email wherever I can online. I will tell everyone I know never to shop at Easy Life.


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