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I bought a 2000 Pontiac Firebird from this dealer some 5 or 6 months ago. When I purchased the car I had terrible credit and needed a car to work. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to vehicles, and the purchase of one. (I am the same person that Valvoline Oil charged $80.00 for a part that wasn't even on my car). However, I feel after research and homework they should be ashamed of the way they took advantage of me and others in my "broke" and "bad credit" situation. They charged me $13, 000.00 for a car that is worth about $3, 000.00.

Further more, when I bought it the mechanic I took it to pointed out the things wrong with the car. I had in writing that they would fix those items before I purchased the car. One of those items happen to be the rear. They said they fixed it, only to find out five months later not only did they not fix it, but masked it to make it look as if they had. I now replaced that part and the parts that it damaged, due to the masking. To the tune of about $1200.00. They were also to replace the lifters, they just put Lucas in it to make it sound as if they had, and thus I have to now get new lifters. Found that out when I had an oil change, and they didn't put the Lucus back in making the original noise return. I explained the situation and the mechanic said "watch this" pored Lucus in and like magic the noise was gone making it sound as if it were fixed. The third item was the fuse box cover. They never got it, and when asked (to this day) it is still on order.

I spoke with a car dealer today and he was mouth dropped when he saw what has happened and how much they had taken advantage of my ignorance. I'm hoping this will save someone the pain (especially in the pocket book) that is has caused me.

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      30th of Jun, 2016

    I had dealings with Jason and Petra I have over 2200 a month income and practically no bills I have bad credit because of a 40 k dollar surgery. Petra sit on her butt singing in office and then after driving 2 hours they told me no on a car while the person in front me had a credit score of 300 . I have paid for property and I had a large down payment . Next time maybe u should ask I'm worth 2 million in assets I'm going get a new car rather than deal with in professional ###. On to better business burea . I already spoke with Vice President of easy ! Don't waste your time with theses fools

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