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I Recieved a call from this so called company and was told that i had a past due bill. So i ask some questioned, the lady told me that i could give them access to my account of either i could send my payments in through a moneygram. i sent it via moneygram in the total amount of 200 dollars. i also recieved an email because i was a little leary about this out the blue call. can someone elighten me on how i can get my money back and/or how we can stop the people from stealing more money from others? c

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      8th of Oct, 2009
    Eastern Asset Management - harassing phone calls to a teenager
    United States

    these sorry excuses for human beings have been calling my teenage daughter demanding that she cut the BS and admit that she is some guy they are looking for. They have called her 3 times in less than three days. They threatened her with obstruction of justice, and threatned to have her arrested. Well they hit the mother load the last time they called. I answered and demanded to know what the hell this was about, what the company was, and who I was speaking to. Being the cowards that they are these so called men refused to answer me. One idiot even tried to intimidate me, and when I happened to mention a few very well known facts of LAW, and how I knew them, he got a little nervous and when I asked again for his name he hung up on me. WELL my daughter has caller ID on her phone and they had the same number but a different area code, as of today 10-8-09 this is a working number and it gets you right to the ### doing the threatening. 716-312-0822, just press 0 and you will get a live person. albeit a coward but a live person.

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      26th of Oct, 2009

    I have been receiving calls as well. They call once every couple of months and tell me they are taking me to court. My clout has been paid off and closed since 2003. When I asked for a letter showing the info they respond by asking me to fax a letter showing that it has been paid off telling me the account is having negative effects on my credit report. I believe some account inormation from older accounts was improperly discarded and now people are getting harrassed. Eastern asset management has called me. I called the better business bureau and the police. My advice to you is to put fraud alert protection on you credit accounts with all three agencies.

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      21st of Jul, 2010

    This is the same thing that is happening to me. It is obviously a scam since it is not on my credit report and I paid my card off in 2004.

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