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I had my thermostat not working and I have home warranty insurance. The maintenance guy came from this company and told me that my thermostat is not covered on my insurance. So, I paid the total cost for the thermostat for him. Later I called my insurance and found out that it was not covered because he put the upgraded version of the equipment. If it was the same level of model it would have been covered. I was not happy as I didn't get this option during the service. I call back to this Eastern air control and spoke with office manager she was even rude and she said the maintenance guy didn't have the one same level on the van so he put the upgraded one. She was yelling at me and said in her word, you know what I am going to do? 'bye bye...and hang up on you'. I didn't know what to do? because of this company I ended up paying. At this time, I am not concern about my cost but how they are scamming to customers trying to sell their high cost equipment is just NOT fair. Please DO NOT use this company for any service.

Dec 23, 2014
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  • Ow
      12th of Feb, 2015

    This is simply not true nor is this the case my name is Nicholas i am the owner of the company i spoke with you and and so did my tech you were un-happy with both outcomes. You didn't want the model that they would have covered and you didn't want to pay for the model you ended up purchasing. Your thermostat was broken and you paid for what you wanted! For you to go out of your way to slander my company is sad because you don't know how this can effect my business and the people that rely on working here. I hope people read my comment because its wrong what you wrote and on top of that it seems like all you do is complain about other companies and how they didn't refund your money just look at your site complaint history! who's scamming who?

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  • Un
      27th of May, 2015

    I totally agree with this post. I have another horror story with Eastern Air. They installed a furnace on Feb 13th, but did not install the condensate pump, modifications and electric (perhaps because they didn't get started till 2 pm and didn't finish till 2 am). They also neglected to secure one of the flue pipes and didn't reconnect the AC or pay for the permits and get the unit inspected. After two months of calling and calling and getting no response, I had to go to AHS to actually get through to them. For the last month they have been putting me off with one excuse after another and AHS has allowed them to get away with it. The office manager, Denise, is beyond rude. American Home Shield is just as much at fault as Eastern Air for refusing to send a different company to finish the job, in spite of a 3 month delay. Nick's response will probably be to claim that I missed one appointment. NOT TRUE. Please, please, please don't ever accept Eastern Air as an assigned contractor from AHS.

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  • Gr
      6th of Jun, 2015

    This is a post I put on Eastern Air Control's Facebook page yesterday 6/5/15

    Eastern Air Control... I'm still waiting for service!!! You were a no show on Tuesday 6/2/15 even though I e-mailed you confirming my 12-6 appointment. Your said we were not home. Well let me tell you...WE WERE HOME...using our cell phones so that our land line was available...waiting for a call from you. The next day we called again and were advised that a technician would be here on Friday 6/5/15 between the hours of 10 & 2. Called 4:20 pm today to make sure the technician was coming and was disconnected 3 times. Well it is now 6:45 pm and no one has shown and we have not received a call back. My husband called 2 times this morning and was promised that Greg or Craig, an excellent technician, would be servicing our needs. Could it possibly be we're being ignored because we have a home warranty contract and are not paying the full rate for a service call???? If you can't service the home warranty clients... than you never should have contracted with them. My next letter is to the Better Business Bureau. I am also posting this complaint on MY Facebook page for my family and friends to see. Today 6/6/15 we called the office and left another message on their answering machine. As of yet, no call back.

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  • De
      23rd of Jun, 2015

    I had a terrible experience with Eastern Air Control as well. They showed up and told me my pipes were frozen turned the unit off and said they would come back in 3 hours. They never showed up or called. I kept trying my home warranty company and their office. No one would pick up. I left a message with the receptionist twice and no one called back. I had to escalate the issue to my warranty company. EAC finally showed up today and was in a rush to get out and told me the problem was fixed. My A/C unit that wasn't working is still not working and they have apparently fixed the problem. The super super rude receptionist condescendingly explained to me that they fixed the problem and that any other issues will count as a new unit. Why couldn't the technician explain that to me? And do I have to get so much attitude from the receptionist when I am paying for a service and have been on the receiving end of all kinds of lack of service.

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  • Ro
      28th of Jul, 2015

    Thought I was alone on this until I started reading how many awful reviews Denise has. Someone like that can put a company out of business...
    Call someone else-ANYONE else! I HIGHLY advise against working with this company. Our second floor is almost 80 degrees for over 5 days now. Eastern Air Control came out and "fixed" our problem, yet it is still about 80 degrees upstairs in all of our bedrooms. Customer service at it's worst! From not returning phone calls or messages in a timely fashion to being offensively rude. Add in the most horrifying and unprofessional manager/"owner", Denise Didolce, an absolute disgrace. After managing a multi-million dollar business myself for over a decade, I am amazed they are in business and have any customers. Plenty of other GOOD companies to choose from who provide the same service with much better manners and a higher level of professionalism.

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  • Bi
      4th of Dec, 2015

    Eastern Air Control is hella brazy

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  • Mr
      21st of Jun, 2016

    Had two great experiences ! Nichols is the best ! I will always call him and recommend to all my clients. Thank Nick. Michael V. Roppatte Jr. Ph. D./ Realtor Elite Of NJ.

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  • Ma
      23rd of Dec, 2016

    I had a horrible experience with Eastern Air Control. They came to my house to fix a heating system fan motor that wouldn't turn. They were assigned to this repair by American Home Shield with whom I have a contract. They showed up on a Monday evening, replaced a bad capacitor, but said they'd have to order a replacement circuit board. I called Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday but got only an answering machine. They never replied to my calls to tell me when my heating system would be repaired. I called AHS on Wednesday afternoon and they could only get EAC's voice mail as well. They got no reply. On Thursday I called the technician who came to my house and asked him what was going on. He told me to call the office. I told him I'd been trying that but got no response. He said he'd call the office himself. I called AHS and they called EAC and were told "their system was down" so they didn't know. I'd gotten a survey form from AHS and wrote a scathing review. Later I was told by AHS that EAC wanted the repair to be performed by someone else because I'd threatened one of their employees. This was a total lie, all I wanted to know was when I'd get a repair. I added my own complaint to BBB to join 7 more by other dissatisfied customers. I've never had a comparable problem before.

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