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East Ohio / I wont pay

1 Chicago, IL, United States

Approximately 2 months ago, the city dug in our front yard putting in a large cylinder and preparing to install new lights on our street. They installed a new electrical system for the lights.In the following days, the owners of this 6 flat Condo building complained about dirt and pieces of tile backing up in their sinks and bathtubs. The city was called 3 times and their investigation advised us to get a plumber.

We did get a plumber and he advised us their was a blockage and pieces of tile was coming up.

we have been advised even though they may have done damage, because there are 6 units the, condo must pay $6500 to fix it. Our reserve is dry as we just had a new furnace installed. There are 5 Senior Citizen owners and we need help.I have had to move out and live with relatives,

Why must we pay when the damage was done by the city?


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