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East Dallas Pet Rescue

Posted: Feb 5, 2016 by    

False information about a pet adoption

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East Dallas Pet Rescue, Inc.
Registered Agent: Jaclyn Hall (Smith)

I contacted East Dallas Pet Rescue about a dog that was posted on several of the pet adoption websites -- Petsmart Charities, Adopt-a-Pet and Pet Finder. I was looking for a dog that would be a playmate for my Havanese after losing another sweet pet who had been a member of our family for 10 years.

After making arrangements with the "foster mom" who introduced herself to me as Jaclyn Smith to come to her home to meet Hazel -- a poodle/ yorkie mix I went for the meeting. At this point I need to acknowledge my naiveté' in this process and share this both as a complaint and a lessons learned to others wanting to adopt a pet.

I have since discovered that the registered agent for East Dallas Pet Rescue on the State business registration site is Jaclyn Hall. I do not know if she used Smith in this adoption process or if there is another Jaclyn Hall that I did not meet.

On January 6, 2016 when I arrived at the home I found that the pet Jaclyn had for me to meet was not the one pictured on the website as Hazel. She explained that there had been a group of 5 dogs rescued from a breeder and that they had been split between 2 foster moms. Then there was a mix-up in the names given to the 5 dogs and the photos posted on the website. My first mistake was believing this story.

The dog she showed me was a very sweet little Yorkie whom Jaclyn insisted was Hazel. Jaclyn assured me she had all her vaccinations, had been tested and was heartworm negative and the vet had estimated her age to be about 5 years old. I knew at that time and acknowledge that the statement of age in these situations is an estimate. Little Hazel was so sweet and after looking at several other dogs in other rescue situation I was drawn to her. So I paid the $250 adoption fee and also made a donation to the organization. Jaclyn told me she would send me the vet records so I would have that for Hazel for my own vet. At the same time she praised the vet she used and shared the name of the vet clinic.

Over the next several days text messages were exchanged with Jaclyn checking on how we were doing. But no vet records were supplied. I began to notice that Hazel was breathing heavily and so after 10 days decided to go by the vet clinic to pick up the health record. At the clinic they had no records for a Hazel and a call to Jaclyn from the clinic resulted in an "I'll call you back." I met with the vet and we decided to do all the vaccinations and the routine heartworm test. The vet took one look in Hazel's mouth and estimated her age to be at least 10 years old -- the same vet that Jaclyn had told me had said Hazel was 5. The tests showed Hazel to be heartworm positive. She also had allergies and partial cataracts. I took her to my own vet who confirmed all those diagnoses. Hazel was too fragile to start the aggressive heartworm treatment so both vets recommended the treatment of heartworm preventative and allowing the disease to run its course over a period of 12 - 18 months with some additional medications to help with other symptoms.

When I contacted Jaclyn to tell her of what I had learned and how upset I was her solution was to return the dog. But Hazel was not some article of clothing that did not fit and just had to be returned. She had become part of my family. Jaclyn insisted she had not intentionally lied to me and I have no intention of asserting that without other proof. But at least she was incredibly careless with the information she provided that was material to a decision to adopt and make an emotional and financial investment.

Jaclyn offered to return the adoption fee three weeks ago but consistent with her other failures to follow through on information she provides, no money has been received.

On Feb 3rd, Hazel died in her sleep -- her heart stopped due to the complications from heartworm disease. To say that the last 4 weeks have been emotionally draining is an understatement. My little Havanese who sat by Hazel during the night she died keeping watch over her, is clearly sad and confused and the heartbreak in my home continues. I do believe that sweet Hazel who knew so little love and affection in her life knew that she was loved in the last few weeks.

At this point nothing will make up for the emotional loss but if East Dallas Pet Rescue and Jaclyn Smith née Hall will return the adoption fee and the donation it would be a gesture of positive intent.

For all considering adoption, do not adopt without having the vet health records in hand and a written agreement that specifies and creates a legal liability for the organization should the information provided prove false. There is no protection for your heart from careless people.
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N  18th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
I agree completely that this lady is irresponsible with the pets she sells. If she doesn't have the time to properly care for them then why try to adopt sick pets to people and not even warn potential adopters about the condition of the pet?

I adopted a lab puppy on 12/31/16 who had already developed adult tape & roundworms in her intestines at a young age of 8-10 weeks even after being given a "dewormer vaccine". My first night with her, after her bath I removed 8 fleas and my puppy had nonstop diarrhea with blood & mucous the first week I had her until I took her to the vet, because it couldn't have been "stress & anxiety" as I was told by Jaclyn.

Anyway, my 17 week old puppy is doing a lot better with the PROPER treatment by Banfield Hospital vets, but lately she has been throwing up nonstop and I come to find out that her doggy treats provided by Jaclyn as an "adoption gift" has been expired 2 years ago!

Note to East Pet Dallas Rescue if you try to contact me again about posting a HONEST REVIEW, I will take legal action against you all for the medial costs I have had to pay because of YOUR lack of properly caring for the pets YOU ALL try to sell so quickly!

A  17th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
We "adopted" a pet from this facility. Paying $250 for a mixed breed dog is a rip off. Of course they "sell" it with the pitch of "shots are up to date, spay/nuetering is covered". Yeah, try getting in touch with someone there ONCE the pet is out of their hands, and they have the money. I've grown attached to our pet, but I just want people to consider going to a shelter if you want to "adopt" any pet, not this place. We were fortunate enough to have gotten a healthy pet (so far) unlike those reviews above. Shame on this place for using pets to make money.
A  10th of Aug, 2017 by    0 Votes
I wish I'd seen this before going there. We adopted two lab/mix puppies from Jacklyn. She gave the same spill about shots and 'de-wormer' and flea care...etc. These puppies have intestinal worms so bad, it was really gross. A few days after getting them home they developed diarrhea, within a few more days they'd stopped eating and began vomiting. I became super concerned and we took them to the Emergency care. Turns out they both had a virus called Parvo. The sister died within 10 minutes of going to the urgent care, I was completely shocked! We've spent about $1200 in order to save the brother. When I spoke to Jacklyn, she acted like they must have gotten sick from my house, however the vet told us that Parvo has a gestation period of 7-14 days. She said 5 days, which even according to her timeline, the dogs were having symptoms on the fourth day we had them, so they had the virus when we adopted them. She's cut all contact with me, so I guess I'll have to sue them. It's so sad. We just loved that pup, she was the sweetest thing. This is no rescue, they're ALL about the money, I think they're just a group of friends running puppy mills to be honest. So thanks to these creeps, we now have Parvo virus at our house for the next 6-8 months, so are unable to get any other animals unless they have completed all their shots, which would make them at least 6 months old. This has torn my family up, it's so heartbreaking. I would like these jerks to be held accountable. They have Parvo at their 'foster homes', and continue to get puppies and adopt them out. Here's their site (http://eastdallaspetrescue.com/) and their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EastDallasPetRescue/). Avoid them at all costs. The number on the Facebook page is Jacklyn's. She acts like she's not in charge and even 'calls her boss' to check on things...she a great liar.
A  13th of Aug, 2017 by    -1 Votes
We adopted a miniature poodle from this 'organization' in April and were told he had been neutered. That was not true, even after we paid the customary $250 fee. They refused to pay our vet's fee to have the dog neutered, and told us to go to the SPCA. My wife went back and forth with them, until they finally sent her $55. After he was neutered, there were some complications and now we have another vet fee to have additional staples put in as well as more medication. I would highly encourage anyone adopting from them to be VERY CAREFUL about what you are told because it may not be accurate as you can see with all these animals above.

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