East County Dental Associates / Dental Fraud

1 CA, US

Poor customer service, bait and switch tactics. I have had work done told to pay what it would cost and then I recieve a bill a year and a half later. The Bill has no itemized charges. Just past due and the amount.

I also had a post and crown implant that has fell out twice. The glue didn't hold. I swallowed the tooth. It tore up my colon after I didn't pass it for two weeks. I spent the night in the hospital and developed Diverticulitis.

When I brought this up to "Amy" the office manager she said that there should be no way they are resposible for this.

Cold, crafty, rude, uncaring about thier customers. This dental office has numerous complaints at different sites. The state should investigate Dr. Baily and shut him dowm!!!

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