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I have had a very bad experience with Easirent Heathrow and I will never ever recommend them to a friend or anyone else.
Long story short, when I needed to extend my rental, I got in touch with the branch and the employee told me he will extend in exchange of XX pounds. Two days later another employee calls to let me know that the extension was not done and that I will need to pay three times more for the same duration or face being driving illegally. The alternative I was given was to return the car immediately which I could not possibly have done being 60-70 miles away at work.
Complained immediately (towards the end of October 2014) and I am still awaiting feedback despite my repeated e-mails to their main office and their customer support a month on.
Their behaviour equated to extortion and should not be tolerated.
Their customer service is anything but. I am yet to hear back from them.

Nov 30, 2014
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  • Je
      Feb 01, 2019

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I write to you with regard to a smoking charge violation applied to my account on the return of the hire vehicle.

    I left my parents house at 05.00am after an extremely cold night, after spending a good ten minutes de-icing a very frozen car.
    On my way to the airport I also stopped three times to use motorway facilities and refuel the car.
    Due to the weather conditions all surfaces had been treated with salt for safety and unfortunately as hard as one tries not to bring it into the car it happens as it is stuck to the bottom of my shoes.

    On arrival to the car return at London Heathrow a representative checked the car as usual, however stated that I had smoked in the car due to the drivers side carpet being marked and grubby with road salt which he stated was cigarette ash.

    I tried to explain the situation to the young man but he was not interested and called upon the manager.

    I have hired many times from Easirent over the years and never experience a problem and what’s more I work within the aviation industry and totally understand a no smoking policy so why would I choose to smoke in a hire car, I wouldn’t even smoke in my own personal car.

    The manager sided instantly with his colleague and totally refused to listen to me, in fact he was extremely rude, arrogant, uninterested and dismissive of my explanation.
    I would also like an explanation as to why a manager would refuse to offer his full name, surely if you hold a managerial position they should offer their full name, guidance and a explanation of the way forward should any problem arise.
    He stated that clients have absolutely no respect for hire cars and he was imposing an astronomical violation fee of 300.00 pounds for something that I certainly had not committed.

    May I also add that on two occasions when hiring cars in the depth of winter, the screen wash liquid has frozen solid as the branch obviously are filling the reservoirs with water rather than using the correct winter screen wash, making for hazardous driving conditions. On the occasion before I had to stop and purchase screen wash from the motorway services.
    It is so important to be able to clean the front and rear windscreens when so much salt and debris is being sprayed onto the windscreen of the car.
    I understand economising, but safety should never be overlooked or improvised on.

    I will take this matter further should the need arise, but in the meantime await your reply.

    Yours sincerely.

    Mr Jeremy Diment.

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