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EAS / Bad service

1 207 East Reynolds Road, Suite 240Lexington, KY, United States
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Over a year ago I made an agreement with a company called EAS (Expungement Assistance Services) to have an arrest from when I was 19 years old, expunged from my record. EAS charged my $500 up front to start the process. I paid extra to get the process completed more quickly. I was told that the Rapid process would take a few months. It is now 17 months later and I have had to spend even more money on court fee's, mailing, ect. Since I first started dealing with EAS, I have been forced to speak to different people. It seems that many of their employees leave. Which doesn't instill trust in me. Each person makes a different claim, when I ask them something. But what can I do? I paid them, and now I'm stuck dealing with their lies. I called a few days ago asking for a partial refund of $200, which is the extra I paid for the Rapid Processing. The guy, RUDELY, said NO! He said that any problems that have come about are not EAS's problems and that they are exempt from these things. This entire attitude is a giant change from the nice, easy going attitude they used to get me to fork over my money. EAS is a SCAM! They will claim the world to you, but once they have your money, your stuck! The service they offer is called a "Money Pit." Which means you just throw money down a bottomless well. See, once you spend $500, you can't just wake away and EAS knows this! So month after month I have waited. I have had to pay fees for notarizing, fingerprints, certified letters, court fees, the cost has not stopped! For 17 months I have been the one dealing with the courts and lawyers. EAS filled out some paperwork and just moved on. I have been the one to carry this Expungement case on my shoulders. So I paid $500 for a company to help me out, and they spent maybe 1 day doing paperwork, and then left me to fend for myself. On top of the $500, I also paid EAS $9.95 a month for 4 months, for some credit reporting fee's. And since this 17 month ordeal is still not over yet, who knows how many more fee's I'm going to be stuck with! That is why I am filing this complaint. People should know what,, ect does. EAS offers their services through several web sites, but they are all EAS. If you think your going to spend a few hundred dollars and wait a few months, then magically your record will be expunged, Re-Think that! Your going to be like me, after 17 months of annoyances and hidden cost, stuck in a never ending paperwork hell. And the company EAS that you paid, will not have your back during these times. EAS is exempt from these things...

But now there is a complaint on file, so if EAS tries to scam me again, the World will see this and I will file charges with the BBB, the police, anyone and everyone.


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