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Earthlink / Poor service!

1 United States

There are a few complaints here illustrating Earthlink's incompetence. I'm pretty sure that I can top them all with this story. Let me preface this story with the fact that we had never contacted Earthlink for any reason and have most definitely never set up an account or service of any kind. In June 2007, my husband and I began receiving unsolicited mail from Earthlink to the name “Test Test.” On June 12, Earthlink sent “Test Test” a box. We assumed it was junk mail and/or an error, so other than being amused we thought little about it. Turns out it was a router/phone adapter related to their VOIP product.

Not long after we received the box Earthlink began demanding payment (from Mr or Ms Test, of course). Callers from Earthlink call our home phone number and ask to speak to “Test Test” or the “Accounts Payable Department.” If we don’t answer the phone, we get messages for “Test Test.” In the last 6 weeks we have gotten at least 30 calls from Earthlink. After a few early Saturday morning calls, waking up everyone in the house including visitors, what started as funny became much less amusing. We recently received another box to “Test Test” which remains unopened to this day.

This is 100% unsolicited and came completely out of the blue. Though it may seem obvious that there is no one by the name of Test Test, Earthlink remains undaunted in this quest to get payment (approx. $100 now) from an imaginary customer. My husband and I have spoken several times to confused and completely untrained customer service representatives in India, and their managers. They explain that they are powerless to help. Given the lack of success on the phone, I have now written two letters to everyone at Earthlink I can think of and a copy to my local City (San Francisco) Supervisor. Through all this we are amazed, but no longer surprised, that the calls and mail keep coming.

Most recently, we started getting calls from a collections agency (yes, really, for "Test Test"). Yesterday, we got a call from Earthlink's Customer Service asking us to call this number, use that password, use a certain "father's middle name" (apparently Test Test's father's middle name is QWERT) to speak to a supervisor. Then we would have to explain the situation and then we'd get some help (maybe). I'm refusing to do this because it is their error to fix, not mine. I am now filing complaints everywhere I can think to, and waiting for them to apologize and stop calling/mailing us. It's nothing short of harassment and really just bizarre. They clearly have serious organizational problems, so would recommend avoiding any of their services at all cost. I can't imagine how much they have spent trying to track down "Test Test" to get about $100.

If anyone has any recommendations of how to get these people to pay attention and deal with this issue with us (short of calling that number and using all their magic passwords) I'd be very appreciative.

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