Earth Connection Portugal Breathwork and Ayahuasca Retreats / Threatening to put a spiritual master in a wheelchair or in hospital. Death threats. Cannabis seized by police.

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Retreat leader Johannes Maasland of Earth Connection Portugal threatens to kill a Spiritual Master or to cripple him and put him in a wheelchair

Caution is advised with this individual

Spiritual seekers looking to do alternative healing/holistic retreats at Earth Connection Portugal

Are advised to NOT use this retreat centre for ANY retreats featuring Johannes Maasland (pictured) as it is the honest opinion of the Spiritual Master who created this blog that he is unfit and unsuited for leading any kind of retreat, be it breathwork, shamanic or Ayahausca based.

This is for the reason that he is mentally unstable and prone to aggression. On the evening of Monday 23rd January 2017 he waited outside the doorstep of a Spiritual Master and his wife waiting for them to come home. He was under the influence of alcohol and had clearly driven a vehicle to the location and thus endangers others.

He then proceeded to make violent threats, insulting his as 'evil' and then threatening to put the Spiritual Master 'in a wheelchair' or 'in hospital' and then went on to say several times that he would kill him if he found out that he told the police about his cannabis (which he did not).

Those that take such risks, are clearly solely responsible for any misfortunes that may arise later if they are caught and anyone making threats to kill invariably invokes police trouble of their own making. The police are currently investigating the matter.
Threatening to kill someone not responsible is not so wise, especially when done in front of witnesses and when drunk. Making violent threats to kill a Spiritual Master is a serious offence against the Higher Power, with severe karmic consequences, one of them is to disqualify himself permanently as being suited for any kind of retreat leadership role.

Anyone making threats against life would be separated enough from the Higher Power to not be an effective gateway to inner awareness, as claimed on his website.

In the opinion of the Spiritual Master, he is not ethically or energetically suited for hosting any retreat, and anyone attending any of his retreats may be at risk of serious harm or may pick up lower astral entities (presumably the prime cause of such aggressive and violently minded behaviour).

Johannes Maasland would be well advised to retire from his work and attend to his self-healing, and to take responsibility for his pain, fear and anger, seeking professional help if needed, rather than to try and project his fear and anger onto a Spiritual Master or to affirm life-destroying karmas such as threatening to kill people.
He or Earth Connection Portugal made no effort to apologize or make any amends for the behaviour and thus is considered an ongoing serious safety risk to others in any retreat.

There is also a lesson in the form of a salutary reminder in that wanting to be the number one in Portugal for Ayahuasca is not the be all and end all, especially if it comes at the expense of self-healing and personal integrity. Ayahuasca tends to want to be respected as it has power, and utilizing it for more personal ego-based aims is apt to end in disaster.

For the safety of potential participants in any retreat at Earth Connection Portugal, this warning is posted and people are advised to be cautious about doing retreats with this individual and to find alternative places to do retreats to avoid the potential for metaphysical trouble or disturbances.

Johannes Maasland, of Earth Connection Portugal, was arrested on 11th November 2016 by the Portugal GNR with 14 kilos of cannabis. Johannes Maasland now faces anything up to 8 years in prison and is being investigated for making death threats.

Mar 22, 2017
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      Apr 17, 2017

    Free Spirit is obviously not his birth name, unfortunately he is mentally ill because he's traped in his own Fear.
    His real name is known to the appropriate authorities.
    He sends his negative energy out to random people and companies.
    And his goal is to extort money from them, black mail by mail off, cybercrime is the name for that behavior.
    The link here below you can see a picture of him.

    Below are several links where he applies the same sick trick.


    http://m./link removed/

    http://m./link removed/

    /link removed/

    /link removed/

    Only if he forgives himself, and removed all the negative actions on the Internet.
    He will come out of its downward spiral where he is now standing in. And falls deeper and deeper...
    Universal Energy, God the Divine Love will forgive him, but if he does not stop sending negativity in to the World, and human kind .The Universe gives him lessons to do so.
    And those are heavy, more than you can imagine.

    The websites which give the opportunity to these non-truths, can start thinking that this is their responsibility too.

    WE wish everyone Love forever in their heart, and act on it.


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      May 15, 2017

    I am deeply saddened to have read this propaganda against a being of such beauty that is Johannes Maasland. There is no avoiding the issue that Johannes, part of the wonderful team which is Earth Connections quite simply was a major factor in saving my life and i believe many others.

    We make mistakes, this is true of all, if not one would not have the past reflections to attain from.
    If you would like to call yourself a 'spiritual master' then possibly you should go back to Temple, as to act in ways like this it seems you've forgotten or possibly never learned the true lessons of the Universe. The projections I have read today naturally are not helping anybody. If you think you have reached this level of spirituality then why would you act in such a manner.

    Move on, breath, reflect on your own actions and this time remember

    Love & light to you all,
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      Sep 06, 2018

    In June 2018 a Criminal Tribunal (Criminal Court) injuncted the owners of Earth Connection Portugal and The Sanctuary 1860 (close friends of Olly Perry and Andi Bock of Camindo da Luz) prohibiting them from making threats of violence, posting malicious abuse and defamatory statements against the witness to the proceedings.

    He was threatened with violence and murder, and subjected to malicious defamation, as a way of blaming him for the police raid that found many kilos of cannabis at the house of Earth Connection Portugal.

    They all mistakenly thought he was a police informant on the cannabis and then some proceeded to make threats to murder, others engaging in malicious defamation and witness harassment.

    The police got involved and filed complaints with the Prosecution and the Tribunal for witness harassment conducted by members of the Santo Daime Church headed by Adrian Freedman.

    The Tribunal made an Injunction against those responsible with permanent effect on the four named people below, process number of the Criminal Tribunal is 1544.18.3T9 GMR Tribunal Oliveira do Hospital, Portugal.

    The people that the Criminal Injunction refers to are Johannes Maasland, Alexandra Akat, Attila Akat and also Daniela Markert, sometimes known as Dani Mar or Daniela Mar.

    All four are brothers and sisters of The Santo Daime Church.

    The injuncted parties were involved in running Ayahuasca retreats in Portugal and advertising them online, their work was started with the assistance of Adrian Freedman of The Santo Daime Church

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