Earlybird Venture / Earlybird VC Managementno exact addresses are provided

This company doesn't seem to be a scam, in my opinion. Even though there are several things that have to be improved.
But at first, I am gonna compliment them for making a good work on a team introduction. Believe me, it's a very rare thing to see something like this. So well done.
Let's get down to business. The company has three branches: two in Germany and one in Turkey.
I don't know whether I should have doubts regarding their real presence at the provided address, but what I certainly should draw your attention on is that the locations are not the exact one. What I mean is that they provided just the names of the streets and its numbers without any details like suites, floors etc. That's strange.
And one more weird thing is that they didn't describe their processes. That's so important to know. Investors should make decisions based on something. Things provided on the website are obviously not enough.

Dec 10, 2018

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