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Eagle Van Lines Moving & Storage / hikacked goods and changing of prices

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I contacted Eagle Van Lines by their website and scheduled a move with their company. The movers came on my requested move date of Aug 9th. They packed up all my stuff from my small apartment, and a few things at my mothers house. The driver; Colby asked me what day I wanted my belongings delivered to Oklahoma; I picked Aug 21st. He then told me he was going to get the truck weighed. I estimated no more than 3200 lbs of household goods and was given a quote of $1900. I had already paid $1100 and only owed $799 in cash when my belongings were delivered to Oklahoma. My mom called the company a few days later and spoke to someone in customer service named Maggie, she stated we were under our weight limit and only owed $145 on delivery. Aug 21st came and went, I called Operations Dispatch office and spoke to Eli. He stated they have up to 21 business days after my requested delivery date to deliver my goods. Which no one had ever explained to me. My contracts which was given to me by Colby are illegible and misspelled, you cant make anything out written on it or understand anything. Eli was very irate and unprofessional on the phone with me. He stated my belongings were in storage, and he didnt know when my stuff would be delivered. I called back Aug 25th and had another shouting match with Eli as I am going on a vacation in Sept, he first stated they could deliver my stuff in October. I told him that would not do at all. He stated they would try and get my stuff out of storage next week. He also said he would talk to Colby and see what he says about notifying me of the 21 business days clause. Eli called my mother today and told her that our weight is now 5800 lbs and we now owe $3600. Our stuff still has not left storage and they have no idea when it will be delivered. How has our weight limit suddenly changed and we now owe twice the amount? Now we're being harassed by phone calls from Eli who refuses to deliver our stuff or explain how our weight has doubled and the price.

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  • Pa
      26th of Nov, 2008
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    i agree with your complaint this eli was very rude and hateful to me also, they moved me with a guarteed price of 3500.00 but i had to pay more once the movers were there and loading the truck. the guy told me if i wanted all my stuff moved i would have to pay another 1575.00 also he was very rude and harassed me for a tip. also it took them 11 days to get my furniture to me also when it came they did not have the right equipment to unload the furniture. they had already taken it to new jersey unload and reloaded. in that time they distroyed about $7000.00 of my furniture whick most of it was not even 6 months old. the driver did not speak good english and said to contact the company they would take care of it. this eli will not take care of it he stated hey you are just sentimental about your stuff. they only offered me $126.00 for everything they destroyed. they will not even acknowledge my complaints anymore. i hope one day someone will do them this way and let them know how it feels. a move that was suppose to cost no more than $4000.00 cost me around $6000.00. so see who gained in this move ofcourse eli did the owner of the company. even the better business bureau of new jersey want even help me.

  • Br
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    I also am now enduring the lies and extortion of Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage. The estimate that I was given was $1136.00. I had less items than was quoted but when they scaled I was charged almost twice the quote. They charged me for my own packing materials and now they can't seem to be able to deliver. I've been waiting since April 8, 2009 for my items. Every time I call I get a new story and promises of delivery and remedy, but it never happens. The motto of the company must be along of the line of "Screw Ethics" I've talked with Arnon, Susan, Gladys, etc., etc., no avail.
    I urge everyone to not use this company.

  • En
      18th of Jul, 2012
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    I wish I was wise enough to do a thorough background check on how moving out of state is supposed to be BEFORE I booked Eagle Van Lines Moving and Storage. But being that I am way too trusting and probably still very naive about the world, I jumped on the quote they gave me over email which was a mere 300 cheaper. I moved from New York City to Miami FL and Eagle Van Lines came to pick up my things on July 1st. The picking up part was fairly decent and the movers were pleasant and fast. But that's about all there is to customer service when it comes to these guys. It is now the 18th and I have still yet to have an answer as to when my things will be arriving. After they demanded I pay cash (first red flag) upon pick up of my things, none of the representatives that spoke with me before were available to answer why my things have not arrived on the date requested. Not even an estimated time of delivery. I've been calling them relentlessly for a week now and they are giving me the run around, telling me this person has the answer, no no that person has the answer... the trucks haven't returned yet so we don't know... It is truly a nightmare coming true before my eyes. I have yet to hear from them and find out the whereabouts of my belongings, my life.
    What is devastating to me is that these sick people are making a living, a profit to support their OWN lives by operating a fraudulent, deceitful business that prey on trusting consumers.
    If you're having trouble with these people file a complaint to the Better Business Bureau ---->

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