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I am reading disturbing reviews about Eagle Valley kennels and in particular Debbie mason on this site and others.Let me just say "I had a wonderful experience adopting a Siberian Husky through Debbie Mason on was easy to reach and obliviously a pet lover.I just thought I would share my experience since one person seems to be generating negative feedback.None of which I encountered.

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  • Ra
      Nov 26, 2012

    Dear Debbie Mason: You're "obliviously" a liar and a fake. The quotation mark gave ya away., Clean up that dump and quit wasting your time on these sites. The word is already out.

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  • Dear dog breeder. If u would like to sue the posters. While this cannot be removed, you can supeona for their ip address n sue personally. I did on here and won. If not true ... Sue. Again your attorney can subpoena this web site for the IP address the poster. people can post whatever they want but if you can prove in a court of law that it's not true you win.

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  • Ra
      Jan 22, 2013

    Sue or not. I still reiterate: NEVER EVER pay more than $35 for a dog if you cannot or will not get off your lazy butt and go pick the animal up yerself. If you dont follow that rule you are a bona fide ###...with too much money jingling around in your pocket. If you have $800 to just toss away, just give it to me. I can guarantee I'll gladly take it off your hands, and I won't fik ya.

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