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Eagle Tech Computers, Inc. / Eagle Tech denies valid rebates!

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In a nut shell, they denied my rebate claiming I did not mail in the invoice for the product. They claim that I mailed in the sales receipt instead. I know what I mailed in and I have copies of everything. They responded to my email and said it was declined for that reason and then cut off communication. I emailed several times and they did not respond until I filed a report with the BBB.

They then sent me what a sample invoice looks like in case I did not know. So I replied and sent them my invoice. They responded and said that they have a resubmission policy of 14 days from the date of purchase. Which is absurd since i know that they did not deny it within those first 14 days of me mailing it.

I never received any correspondence saying it was denied and they refuse to discuss the matter further. They offer rebates on many sites, I purchased on newegg. But they all have a site they sell computer parts on, I would avoid their site and products. A simple google search will reveal that they do this to many many people.

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  • Js
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    what can i say about this company.
    they suck man! i have the same case, but they say that i didn't submit the rebate form. OMFG! WHO WOULD STUPID ENOUGH TO NOT SUBMIT THE REBATE FORM WHEN YOU WANT THE rebate ????

    need to ask bush to answer this question? Mr.Bush, do you need to submit rebate form when you apply for the rebate?

    same concept. when you apply for college, do you need to fill out ur application form? OMFG?

    Eagle Tech, they are flip up man, they hire reps to get ### at by complainers...

    do not trust their rebates..

    on yeah, btw, i bought that crappy power supply from Newegg too.!

  • Fr
      18th of Jul, 2008
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    My rebate got denied also. There's no contact phone or email to their rebate processing department. Everything have to go thru snail mail. The worst thing is that their drive enclosures don't work. Worst company every.

  • Su
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    My rebate got declined because I did not submit any form is what they said:

    "Dear Customer

    Thank you for contacting us. As we looked into your rebate account, I’m afraid that your account was declined initially because of the rebate form was missing and your case had been closed at this point. We no longer held authorization to access your case since our company had a no resubmission policy. That policy was stated on every rebate form that we offered. I am sorry but at this point your case is declined. Please let us know if we can assist you with further questions.


    What the F?>< crap is this .. I submitted everything .. the message above is standard message that is being used for all replies .. something needs to be done here ...

    What crap of an organization ... I will never buy another product from Eagle?><>?.

  • Bo
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    Give 'em a call, folks: Every day. For a month. Ask for the executive offices. Don't fool around.

    I'm sure that after they hear from you every day for a few weeks they will begin to realize that defrauding people can complicate their business model over the long run. If you bought the item through NewEgg or another retailer you can also put the screws to them to put the screws to their vendor. In the tough retail market, you can at least do what you can to see that retailers shy away from ### that use "rebates" as a proxy to steal your money via fraud. If you have the patience, sue 'em in small claims court - bring the filled in form that they have obviously received but at the same time pretend they didn't (umm, how did they know your info if they did not have the form?!?).

    for the good of humanity, hold the rebate fraud company feet to the fire. let them get away with this and they will continue to kill.

  • Ht
      4th of Nov, 2008
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    I was also screwed out of my rebate by this shady company. They purposefully omitted putting a barcode on my package and when I called asking what to do with the rebate, a representative said that a cutout of the shipping label from the box will be accepted in lieu of the barcode.
    Needless to say, later they declined the rebate saying that I did not include the barcode.
    This company is fraud - boycott them. Hopefully they will go under sooner or later.

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