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Eagle Alarm / Scam and cheating

1 United States
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The alarm company is Eagle Alarm. The alarm was installed with the previous owner who was a realtor and purchase the home from her friend.After the sale of the home to me, she requested that I get into contact with Eagle Alarm if I was interested in having alarm service installed. I agreed to continue service at the house when I moved in and to have service on a month to month basis. I requested the service be month to month as I knew at that point that I was going to be selling.

He, Richard, is the owner came out to check the service as it had not been disconnected from the previous owner. The previous owner was still receiving bills after the sale from the alarm company and requested that I contact Richard. He came out and said I had to sign a 5 year contact. I informed him that I would not agree to a 5 year contract because I would be moving within the next month or so.

So we agreed to a month to month contract. He requested that I provide the new owners his contact information to continue service if they choose. Fast forward in April 2008, I wrote him telling him I was selling the home and to disconnect service. I continued to receive bills even as to last week, it is December 8th 2008. I wrote again in August reminding him that I had written in April and that service is no longer at the home as I had also had home phone disconnected in April. I followed up with several phone calls over the last several months. I called again in September, to inquire about why I was still receiving bills as I had sold the home.

He responded with yelling and making verbal threats stating that I sold his alarm and he wants his money for it. I stated that I had sold my house, he said I sold his alarm company as it was a lease. He said that the new owners hadn't contacted him and I said it was there choice of which alarm company to use. Richard than began to say that he knows I got extra money from selling my house because 'you get extra for having an alarm in a house when you sell'. I tried to explain to him this wasn't the case. Richard began to threaten me stating :'I do not know what he will do to me', 'you are going to make me do something to you'.

He was explosive and threatening, I attempted to tell him that I do not own the house any longer, and he said he didn't care. I need to give him his alarm back. That he was charging me 1600 dollars but if I don't have it, 'he could work out something with me'. He said this several times. I responded I am not paying anything. I do not know what to do because he is threatening to ruin my credit also if I do not give him the alarm or the money back. I tried to explain to him that he made a contract with the previous owner and not I, that I was only continuing service on a monthly basis.

Also, if it was lease why not come and get it when I wrote in April. I also attempted to explain that I could contact the settlement attorney to see what my options were due to the house no longer being own by me, and that the new owner of the house did not have to sign a contract nor release alarm. He really lost it and started screaming at me eventually hanging up on me. I am still being billed for monthly service as he will not take out of my name even up to this month.

The alarm company is still billing as I found out last night service is still connected. The monitoring company contacted my sister to obtain my new contact information stating that they detected motion in the house, that specifically someone was in the basement and that the alarm had went off. They alerted the police, I informed them that I am no longer the owner of the house and that service was to be disconnected in April 2008. They informed me that it is still active and that even without a home phone they are able to still monitor due to sattelite signals. I had the current owner give the alarm company a call to have him come and take it out of his house, He has refused and still continues to bill me each month for service.


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