EA Sports / false advertising

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I would like to file a complaint against EA sports ( fifa 2010 ultimate team ). I have been playing this game now for about 1 month. I have spent over £50 on buying premium gold packs trying to make my team better, it advertises top players with higher ratings which i try to get by buying these packs and i have not had any as yet. As trying to trade seems impossible as these cost hundreds of thousands of coins. I no that your trying to make it fair by making the players rare i.e. rooney, torres, messi... but I think its disgusting how spending over £50 trying to find atleast 1 of these players is more than the game is worth itself. i am really disapointed because i think this game is brilliant. You can clearlly see if you look into my acount how much i have actually spent and i think something should be done about it.
thanks, ade 86

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