EA Sports / Fifa 15Banned Account

I am playing FIFA 15 in FUT mode. My account on which I had spent a lot of money and time has been banned by EA Sports for buying coins from a webpage. Than I investigated the issue. ı found out that Ea Sports has declared that they will take action on coin buyers. First they would send a warning than they will reset your game than they will bann your account. Without step 1 and 2 they banned my account. I have contacted them around 20 times but did not get any result. They have promised a feedback with in 72 hours I dont know how many times but did never get back. A person has from call center promised one thing on one day and the other next day sad "oh we are sorry my colleague has done mistake she should not have promised you". For one month they did not get back to me. They asked me type an e-mail to a certain mail address. I have done it for 5 times but they also did not get back. This is nothing but stealing my time my money.

Jan 14, 2015

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