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EA Games / battlefield 1

1 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Ive been playing for about 5 months now and the last week and a half the game has been crashing without warning. Everyone knows about the problem. Not so much as an apology for the hours were all spending playing extremely unsatisfied. Some of us got [censor] to do and with what little spare time we got its pissed up the wall because ea don't care!? It must be about 10 hours of gameplay that ive missed on experience over the duration of this last week. The only time I had spare I wanted to enjoy. People are really fed up with the lack of connection from ea and dice. All I could find was a twitter message from april 6th... And the problem is still there!?!?!? That's the last form of communication you've had with australian customers? No wonder america is the land of money. It really is all you care about. To think that the few messages you've put out in forums is all you think we deserve? Go and join a game and see what people think of you guys. Its absolutely some of the worst customer service ive ever experienced in my life. Get your [censor] together ea and dice!!! I want the hours that ive lost in experience. Scraps and medals. Not just for me. But every player!!! Why shouldn't we get reimbursed? Its like you guys actually think it doesn't matter. Is it run by some fat, balding jewish non gaming middle aged men who can only get love from prostitutes and who are stock brokers or something!? Sheesh gone are the days of steam cs 1. Where you could actually write a tag down... Employ people that play the game and see how your stocks go!!!

Apr 16, 2018

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