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E-Z rental Car / Totally unsatisfactory experience

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A few weeks ago I had to rent an automobile at the Atlanta Airport. I made a reservation on line with E-Z Car Rental. I have rented from them in the past year and I am on their preferred list.

When I arrived at the Atlanta Airport E-Z Rental Car desk at approximately 9:00 PM and presented my rental confirmation agreement along with my driver license and credit card the clerk told me that she could not rent to me. When I asked why she told me that their computer said that I had either an accident of charge back on my record. I explained that I had never had an accident or charge back with E-Z Rental. Her response was basically too bad. When I asked to speak with a supervisor I was told that all supervisors had gone home. When I asked to call their headquarters she gave me a non toll free number and said here, try.

The bottom line is that at 10:00 PM E-Z rental car refused to honor a rental confirmation agreement and I was forced to rent a car from another agency. No apologies, no attempt to find a solution, no attempt at any kind of assistance.

I would suggest that renting from E-Z Rental car is problematic and may result in a totally unsatisfactory experience. Stay away from them. The few dollars you may save are not worth the uncertainty and aggravation you will probably incur.


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  • Me
      9th of Apr, 2011
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    I rented from EZ Car Rental and they tried to pull a scam on me, saying that I had an accident that I did not have. I went over the car with a fine tooth comb and all I found was a place where yellow road paint had splashed on the wheel well. You could tell it was from road paint because of the color and because it wiped right off. I got an email about a month later, with pictures of scrapes and dents on the car! These people are rude, and they are crooks! I told my insurance company that they better not DARE to pay them a dime and they promised me they wouldn't. I'm in the process of finding a class action firm to sue them. Reading about them on the interrnet, I find dozens and dozens of reports of their scams, from toll scams (charging their customers $75 for a 75 cent missed toll) to false "accident" claims, to renting broken down vehicles and making the customer pay for repairs...EZ is definitely NOT easy. Stay away from this scam company.

  • Am
      22nd of Dec, 2013
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    They scam, they will try sale you $50 to $80 day insurance that you don't need.
    When refuse they will cancel your resavation.
    E-z car rental cancun scan.

  • Jw
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    E-Z rental Car - Customer service
    United States

    Misrepresentation of online rental cars and prices. First agent tried to force us into much higher priced car. Second agent incited an argument.
    I reserved a car online and was quoted for "econonomy" that showed a picture of a 4-door car: "a nissan altima or something similar". At the rental counter: Total wait time was 40+ minutes, with a good 10 minutes with an empty counter - The first agent ("rafael") was just sitting in the back-room, so his shift must've been over.

    The new agent started my rental, I asked if he was the only one working tonight and he said yes. He showed me pictures of a very small car (2-doors, no trunk) that was extremely small, and not adequate for our rental. I said I must've made a mistake, since the "economy" and "compact" cars were both 4-door sedans online, with no descriptions. The price was only a few dollars difference, total. I asked for the compact car instead. The agent said that economy cars are always 2 doors and very small (in all the years I've rented cars this has never been the case) and they don't have any cars larger for economy. I however took responsibility for the mistake and again asked if a compact was available instead. He said no.

    He rolled his eyes, but said he could upgrade me to a full-size "no problem" because of the confusion. I was skeptical about this "upgrade", even though he made it sound like a free upgrade. I asked for the final price, which he reluctantly quoted me. It was an extra $80+. I declined, as I didn't need a full-size car, just a compact car. He insisted the next size up was a full-size and that it's the extra $10 a day. I again said I don't need a full-size, just the compact is fine and according to their website the next size up was a compact.

    He INSISTED that it wasn't and that he could give me the full-size for now $8/day. I loaded their website on my phone and showed him the prices and cars on their website. I pointed out that the compact was only a couple dollars more, and that is the one I wanted.

    He got very agitated, and kept insisting that i needed the full-size and "he would take care of me" and "upgrade me complimentary to the next size". Before swiping my card I asked the final price and it was still about $70 more. I declined.

    He became frustrated and said if I wanted the compact I need to book it online, but it would take about 10 minutes to show up in his system. I finished the booking in about 1 minute, as I had already started the procedure. He ignored me, and also didn't call the next person. So I asked about the reservation. He just repeated "book it online", and I said I did. This continued until off-duty "rafael" came over aggressively and immediately started yelling at me. This caused a massive scene. He said, there are other people waiting, you need to move, you're holding up the line, I have a bad attitude, I'm not listening, etc. All the first agent needed to do was say, OK you've booked online, just let me help the next person and then we'll complete your rental.

    I became angry, and asked for his name. He quickly tried to flip over his badge, but I caught "rafael". He then said they were done with me, he handed me back my cards and said they're not doing my reservation. This is at 11:30 at night at the airport.

    My original agent hid his badge, and wouldn' tell me his name. I asked for the corporate number and they said it too fast for me to write it down and I asked them to repeat, they said no I'm dealing with other customers. And just ignored me. I asked a second agent and he also said no. Rafeael came over and yelled at me again.

    I got very angry and frustrated, especially after a long travel day.

    I called corporate the next day and their reply to me was unsatisfactory saying "...Unfortunately we would not be able to do anything regarding this matter. We have witnesses from our department that state otherwise on what happen." With a receipt that stated a higher quote for the original rental.

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