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On 20 april 2017 i ordered biosagentp1 i was assigned a password and id neither of which worked. I called their 800 number and was referred to a certified microsoft tech(?). After about 20 mins of supposedly trying to get my bios upgraded. I was confronted by an extremely hi pressure sales man who insisted i needed to spend $200 so my system could be fixed; i was also told that as senior citizen i co8uld get a $100 discount. The hi pressure man was not paying attention. When he told me that only a microsoft certified tech was the only one that could me. I stated that i would take it to a local man the was certified hi-pressure stated that there were no microsoft certified techs in my area. At that point i told the hi-pressure salesman that i would cancel the whole thing and request my $39.90 returned to my paypal account. I have dealt with cleverbridge before with good results and courteous help. I have requested a refund from bios agentp1 and but i am given the run around. I took my system to a certified microsoft tech (That is not to be in my area) and paid him to remove all traces of biosagent and their support team. All i want is my money returned to my account. I written a complaint to paypal and have just received the nmbb complaint packet. Please return my funds from a very poor company biosagentp1 and their very poor tech support.
Anthony cannone

May 02, 2017

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