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The words below take people to a web sight that is not free and people get ripped off. Why does it say FREE Resume Builder. Then after putting all the work into the resume they ask for money. After you give your credit card number they again ask for money which I thought I had already given and with one click of the mouse I owe twice as much. I would have gotten off line at the request of a CC number but I was doing this for my sister in law and had spent almost 2 hours filling out the information. At that point I was willing to pay the fee that they ask just for the printing of the resume but instead they added other things that I did not want after they got my CC number and without realizing it I was charged double. They really need to let people know off the top that this isn't free. And not add more stuff after they get your credit card number. I would appreciate it if they would credit my account. They have refused. The company sets a poor example!!! Below is their advertisement.

Free Resume Builder
Follow The Simple Steps To Create
Your Resume In Mins & For Free

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  • Fr
      29th of Mar, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Sub: Misrepresentation of services/subpar customer service

    I signed up for the e-resume program 2 days ago. I was surprised to find there was a charge for the resume after it was advertised as being "free", but did not mind the $18 fee (after I had put about 2 hours work into it) and paid. I was suckered into the web hosting option and saw I was charged another $18. Having a viewable web page seemed like it might be worthwhile, so I did not dispute the charge at the time.

    However, I was frustrated to find I couldn't change the email I listed in my personal information that the program automatically placed in the resume header. I wanted to set up a new email that was solely for my job applications that would be displayed on the letterhead. For whatever reason, their program would not allow that change. I emailed them twice with no response. I tried their online help option and did not appreciate the tone or efforts the individual gave. They tried to place the email into another section of the resume (an action I could have easily accomplished) that I did not want it in. I emailed their support for a refund for the web hosting option (since I was not able to display the information I wanted), and have not heard back from that email. I would not recommend doing business with this company. Despite the .us suffix on their web address, they are actually based out of London. There is no phone number or mailing address listed to contact them. The product it produces is average and relatively difficult to edit.

  • Da
      21st of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes -
    United States

    I spent hours on this free resume builder to be billed at the end. On top of it it would not even accept payment and kept rejecting it. I have no recourse and still haven't received a response from the co. Help

  • Ru
      9th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes - False ads!
    United States

    Company writes it is free, after you spend hours on line doing your resume they says you have to give your credit card number.

  • La
      17th of Apr, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I purchase this (free) account today, and I noticed that some of these companys didn't receive my resume. I was getting alot of DELIVERY STATUS FAILURES as well as UNDELIVERABLE RESUME'S. The people that actually did e-mail me had no job openings at this point or the job was way out of my driving range (as far as out of state). This company knows where I'm seeking work, but yet they send my resume out of the area. They also know what I'm qualified to do, but some of these companys don't qualify me as a perspective employer. This company is a big ripoff, and I hope that some people read this before login on to it. This company says that it's free, but actually it isn't. They have a tendency to send your resume to outdated e-mails and out of range employees.

  • Ce
      7th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes - Says "Free" resume and that's not true
    United States

    This is a website that tells you that you can create a resume for
    'free and that is so not the truth. I spent about and hour and a half creating
    a resume with the impression that it was indeed
    'free" just to finish and be asked for money and card info. I think this website is what's truly wrong with some aspects of the web. Shame on you

  • Nd
      26th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    This is the worse scam company that I have ever encountered! It certainly is not FREE! That is just the beginning: I signed up with this crappy company two years ago and ever since then I have spend more time trying to update my Resume on their web-site than writing this darn document. They send out my CV to recruiting companies without my permission or request and I got Companies e-mailing to me that they don't appreciate this companies mass e-mailing of "prospecting job seekers". E-Resume does not work together with employment companies nor do they have any ones permission to bombard them with their unwanted job seeking e-mails. I too got hundreds of e-mails telling me that the company had a spam block or that the e-mails had DELIVERY STATUS FAILURES. You can never change your e-mail, you cannot access your own CV to make updates, there is no support team existing, only fake pre- answered comments that are supposed to help you to trouble shoot some problem that is entirely created by them as it seems impossible to just log into their web site and make changes. I just spend 12 days going back and forth with this f... company via e-mail trying to download my CV for changes, they keep sending me the same stupid e-mail message. This company needs to be investigated for scamming, big time!
    My advice: Run as fast as you can...

  • Ki
      1st of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I felt violated after I searched for free resume builders and out of them all I chose this one, I spent over an hour on my resume and when I was finished was asked to enter a cc number, I was frustrated and entered it by this point and before I knew it they had charged me twice and added add'l things that i didn't ask for. I wanted to contact customer service but they list no contact info and I did email, awaiting response. I wish I would have googled this site prior to entering my cc info... I have yet to see the outcome for my $45.00 they charged ti my card, I wouldn't refer anyone to this site.

  • Ja
      8th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes - Cheated
    United States

    I have been cheated into believing that the above company could have been able to help me in my job searches!

  • No
      7th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    So I was going to fall for this scam but thank gosh I did the research on this. First of all the contact number is a fraud it keeps ringing and ringing and ringing and their address is made up they have no business at 8345 NW 66th St Miami, FL 33166. Its not even a right address. The company that is there is a world wide school supplies and on the other side of the street the building is up for sale. People do not fall into this website please they are scaming people!! They are an outsourced organization based in Mumbai, India. Please read this before you give them your information.. The is not free and they will charge you double and also they arent even in AMERICA.. They will try to make it seem like a great customer service by poping up a text screen and they will chat with you to make sure you give them the payment information. But Please dont do it. Read this before you do anything. And make sure you do your research on their company.

  • H8
      24th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    #@$@#$@#%$#@^#$&# SAME AS ABOVE!!!

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