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After doing research on this collection company, thought everything would be okay and they would help me resolve my debt. Unfortunately, I think I have been dooped!! The contract was force-fed... They used a program called docusign to force my signature on the document. Once, I received the welcome package, the terms of the initial agreement changed. Concerned, I contacted "Carla" and "Don, " neither of which have returned my phone calls or emails. I was also told that their fee would be taken out the 1st of every month. The first payment was not taken out until the 5th. Thankfully, they only stole x amount of money. Now my only concern is that they have my cc number.


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  • El
      16th of Mar, 2010
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    March 16th, 2010
    RE: Anne DuFour
    2805 Malaga Way
    Modesto, CA. 95355

    To Whom It May Concern:

    Ms. DuFour enrolled in our Debt Settlement Program on 2/25/2010 and her signed Client Service Agreement was received on 2/27/2010. A welcome Package was mailed to her and she received it within 5-7 business days. Her payment was scheduled for the 1st of every month; however, due to bank processing time, it was not withdrawn until the 5th of March. She cancelled from our program within 10-14 business days of enrolling.

    The Client Service Agreement that she executed clearly illustrates that we are a Debt Settlement company and that we have enrolled her into a "Self-Save", 48 Month Projected program term to reduce her debts, by settling $34, 000 plus in unsecured debt that she obtained. We never switched our company labels from a "consolidation company" to a "debt settlement company".

    Our Welcome package includes additional information regarding the possible liabilities and responsibilities associated with our or any Debt Settlement program as mandated by our governing body, TASC. We are members of TASC, the OBB, and the IAPDA; and all of these credentials can be verified by visiting our home page and using the links located at the bottom of the page (

    We have in no way misrepresented ourselves, our program, or a consumer’s expectations. This is a blatant case of buyer’s remorse. How can we provide any service when a consumer cancels 3 weeks into a 48 month program and yells "fraud"? The act of negligence lays on the part of the consumer even though our representatives have explained the process in it's entirety.

    Furthermore, Administrators have been calling Ms. DuFour for over a week now with no response except for e-mails she has been sending to a Customer Service Rep. stating she wishes to have her records destroyed. Despite a no refund policy in our agreement; one was offered if the client would simply retract her slanderous remarks, calling our company a fraud. This offer was not accepted.

    We work very hard to assist clients in rectifying their debt burdens in a fraction of the time it would normally take and for a fraction of the cost. We are absolutely not in the business of misinforming the public or trying to further their financial difficulty. As such, we remain willing to work with Ms. DuFour and provide the service we were contracted for; but cooperation, time and patience are needed to attain the mutual goal that we all share, providing her with debt freedom. E-Limidebt has fully performed under the agreement and, if given the opportunity, would continue to perform as originally agreed.

    As per the request of the client and her understanding of our no refund policy, we have destroyed her documents and no refund shall be issued.


    The E-limidebt, Inc. Administration

  • An
      1st of Jun, 2010
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    I too feel E-Limidebt is a scam. I enrolled in the program with a customer representative. A week before the first draft was to be taken out of our account another rep called. After reviewing our case this person felt the program was not a good fit for us and recommended I contact a bankruptcy lawyer. I did call an attorney and my husband and I agreed we should not continue with E-limidebt. I called the company and could not get an actual person on the phone and left several messages. The draft was taken out of our account and I continued to call the company. Finally, someone returned my call and he said he would close the account but not issue a refund. I disagreed with him and told him I was following a representative's advice and attempted to cancel the account before the first draft. My 15mo old son was screaming in the background and he told me to call back when I could talk without any distractions. I cannot get rid of my kids and it is difficult to talk to someone at the company with different time zones. I was able to talk to a "higher up" and he apologized for everything I had been going through and said he would issue a refund. He said he would try and put a rush on it but usually transactions aren't completed until the end of the month. Before a refund could be issued another draft was taken out of our account! I again called and complained. He called back and again apologized. In the meantime we are incurring overdrawn fees totaling $400+ because of this. We have received one refund and now no one will return my calls. I want my second refund plus the overdrawn fees. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY.

  • Do
      11th of Apr, 2012
    0 Votes

    Several years ago I signed on with e-Limidebt and got very bad advice. They told me not to speak to my creditors under any circumstance. One creditor refused to deal with e-Limidebt or any settlement company. He called and called; I avoided speaking with him. Finally, he initiated a lawsuit against me and when I finally dealt with him myself, I was able to settle the debt on my own. E-limidebt almost cost me a lawsuit. I immediately withdrew from e-Limidebt's service but was out about $500 at that point. Unfortunately I never got that money back. I worked instead with a debt consolidator which really helped. E-Limidebt steered me wrong, took my money to "build savings" which makes absolutely no sense, and paid not a single penny to my creditors, putting me further in debt and causing worse problems. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

  • Ma
      7th of Jul, 2017
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    @doxibug Same exact thing happened to me. They stole about $2, 000 from me and after that I couldn't reach them anymore.

  • Ma
      7th of Jul, 2017
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    @Maggie D. L I was forced to file bankruptcy because of elemidebt

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