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On Jun 17th, 2009 I ordered a delivery of really nice flowers (roses) for our wedding anniversary on Jun 19th, 2009. I'm working in US right now and not be able to be at home for this very important for my family day in Vancouver.

I ordered "Miniature Colorful Roses in a Basket" (TF132-1, $39.99 US), invoice# 1-487871, total amount $55.58 US.

The company substituted my order with chipper flowers (TF130-1, $29.99 US, a pic of really delivered flowers attached). You can buy such a pot of flowers at the any convenient corner store for just $12 - $15 CAD and put them on the window behind curtains.

The value of these substitution flowers could not be compared with the emotional and dollar amount value of the original order.
This company really destroyed this very important for us day by wrong delivery and very very rude and unprofessional customer service.

I tried to call to you company and got a very "nice" conversation with the company supervisor who had no clue how to deal with customers. Her name, I think, is Maurice (Maricelle or close, she didn't get my write down her name or id). She was very rude, couldn't provide any reasonable answers, even didn't want to listen and always hang up the phone. When I asked her about the expertise of the substitute and a trial she told me that I can go wherever and I can do whatever I want. Is it acceptable? Also, she told me that my wife was satisfied with the flowers and, at the same time, she told my wife that I'm agreeing with this substitution. It's completely lie and a completely not professional way to make a business.
Also, they charged me for extra $9.99 US and didn’t send any receipts / invoices upon my requests. In total I paid $65.57 US.

Finally, I spoke with several different people, likely their so-called call center has only three persons. They refused to give me their names, real address (the address on the web site is fake), license info and other legal information. I’m not sure if they are legal and paying taxes in Canada at all.
What I ordered you can find at:
What they substituted with:
A picture of real delivery attached.

Vladimir Oskolkov
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E - Florist, Vancouver, Bc, Canada

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