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On January 29th, 2013, I went to the Webtax; Freedom Drive location to e-file my 2012 tax return. Filing guideline for new tax year meant that taxes couldn't be filed electronically until after Jan. 31st, 2013. Was given a IRS toll-free number to call to inform me of the "status" of my return. I called this number repeatedly to get an update on my e-filing but continued to get a recording stating "that no returned had been processed under my Social Security number". I thought it was just a delay in the tax return being processed by the IRS. After 3 weeks, I started getting concerned, and decided to call the tax prepayer's office.
On February 25th I called Webtax. I asked them about my tax refund, and was put on "hold" for 10 minutes. When they came back to the phone, I was told "we are going to "e-file" your taxes today". I was understandably upset!
Not only had they not called and told me they had not filed my taxes, but the gentleman that prepared my taxes got on the phone and responded "you should have called me and reminded me to e-file your tax return".
I was stunned! I stated that "it was not my responsibility to remind the tax preparer to file my taxes". I also stated that "I felt it was unfair for their office to charge me $292.00 for preparing my taxes, especially since they "FAILED" to e-file them in a timely fashion. I did not appreciate the fact that my taxes were now being filed almost a month later than we had agreed upon.
I told them I was not interested in paying for their mistake/delay in filing.
I found out on March 14th that Webtax had Direct Deposited my tax refund into their Bank account, and had deducted $292.00 in fees from a $629.00 tax return!... In other words, I was going to pay half of my refund for their mistake!
I contacted BBB and have filed a complaint! I told them to keep the refund! I suspect that Webtax has provided inferior customer/consumer services to other customers in the Charlotte, NC area as well.
My advice, stay the heck away from these tax prepayers!!!

Mar 14, 2013

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