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Phone: 1-800-265-0276

He is running his business from his mothers home. He has a voice message - 800 number and system in place that re-routes all calls etc SO YOU THINK HE IS A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS. BEWARE OF BILLY BRADSHAW AND CRSOLUTIONS INC. I worked for him for two weeks. I hired 12 new associates to work for him with his telemarketing system. I walked away from the company after a fellow wahm sending me a report and warning me of his unusual business practice. I also did not get paid. This guy is really slick.

1st he was agreeing he owed me and he was trying to pay me . Then he said he didn't owe me and was saying I never hired anyone. Then he started with harassing phone calls and threating myself, my husband and my children. He is leaving messages over and over and over. What professional business does this? Here is what another wahm sent me and helped me make my decision to walk away from the company. Read and draw your own conclusions...

Here is a call log from Billy Bradshaw and Company Crsolutions Inc Calling me every minute on the minute leaving threating messages etc. He started calling at 7:45 sunday and kept calling untill 6am in the morning. He must be sleep right now because the calls stopped after 6am. His last message was that he was going to keep doing this everyday untill I take every warning post about him and his company off the internet. He also was cursing at me on voice mail. I saved every message. I will be filing a police report.

Beware of this guy. You are giving him your personal information and for a business owner or someone claiming to be a business owner to act this unprofessional is un-real. Here is the call log as proof. I have still received no payment for my two weeks working for Crsolutions Inc AKA Billy Bradshaw. He is getting over a lot of people. Most are not smart enough to follow through with it. He is calling my home phone and then my business line. This is just a little of what he is doing.


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He Calls All Night and All Day.


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      18th of Apr, 2008
    0 Votes - Non-payment
    CR Solutions
    2735 Villa Creek Road Suite 130
    United States
    Phone: 214-930-5379

    Dear All,

    Please, if you value your time and energy, do not work for this man. It is all a scam. I was trying to make some extra money on the weekends and accepted a position as a delivery driver for the awards. I was to be paid $12/hr or $6 per delivery; whichever amount was greater.

    I made regular reports to them and turned in all merchandise not sold as well as money I collected that Monday. I was supposed to be paid that Tuesday but Billy kept saying he had to meet me the next day. And kept on doing this... I figured okay, he was just busy, BUT NO! After the first several calls to him about getting my payment, he started to say that he didn't believe my time frame i worked. then said my resume looked bogus. and kept going on about he didn't feel like he should pay me anything!

    I have worked hard all my life and never have I encountered such a horrible person! Now he is threatening to plaster my name and personal contact info on the internet and smear my name. What kind of business man says these kinds of things???

    I've found out that there are other delivery drivers going through the exact same thing right now. His business manager just quit today after finding out about this and his director of business is nowhere to be found.


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      1st of May, 2008
    0 Votes - Fraud
    CRSolutions (Billy Bradshaw)
    United States

    Billy Bradshaw, the owner of CRSolutions, ripped me off for $500. I did a lot of engraving work for this "business man" and the one time I actually trusted him to pay me walked out on his bill. He did send me an email saying that he wasn't disrespecting me and that he would pay on April 29, 2008. It's now May 1 and no one has heard a word from this "professional".

    I did a background check and it turns out Billy Bradshaw is a convicted felon for drugs and eluding police. He also has convictions for drunk driving and burglary. Billy has done time in prison and is on parole until sometime in the year 2010.

    Billy Bradshaw's business is selling cheap plaques to high school kids buy getting student directories from schools. He uses these school directories for telemarketing his junk to the kids. Once he has the order he "hires" people on Craig's List to deliver the plaques and collect the money. None of his delivery people are ever checked to see if they are child predators or are drug dealers. Would you want any of your high school kids dealing with this guy?

    Billy Bradshaw and his business CRSolutions is a scam - please be careful if you deal him.

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      6th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    Is there any way we can contact his parole officer and let him know?

    I know that he offices out of Austin too and could just start again somewhere else to continue victimizing many others...

    He needs to be locked up for sure!

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