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Dynasty Sales / Scam and fraud!

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:

Similar story to all others. These young men claimed to be ASU theater students earning money for a trip to London leaving Jan 27. Selling books to be given to patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital. A good line. I checked the company while I was writing the check but it did not come up until I came back in the house. I then went to the 'new neighbor's' house that they said the lived at and of course they did not know them. I drove around to find them and then went directly to my bank to stop payment on the check. The Maricopa County Sheriff's department was called but they never showed up.

I then drove the local neighborhoods and found them... called the police again but it appears the urgency of small time scam artists was not of interest. I followed them at a distance and called the Sheriff again to no avail over a 65 minute time frame. Then I called my husband to join me in another vehicle and we at least got a vehicle description. Although it apparently does little good if you can't get the local police to do anything.

They eventually walked to a corner and called from a cell phone. Almost immediately a newish white E350 Ford Van with smoked windows and a Hispanic female driver appeared with a North Carolina license WXW7417 and they were off. My husband followed them for a time but lacking law enforcement we gave it up.

I do feel stupid and will never give money again at the front door of my home. At least one other neighbor was scammed in this. Beware!

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  • Ne
      26th of May, 2008
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    They were just here a half hour ago. (Memorial Day ~ 6PM). They are working the Trotter Ridge area of Durham. White van matching the description was also here to pick them up.

    Lines exactly match those of reports from Pheonix AZ.

    Dog went nuts on them. He usually settles down and is friendly pretty quickly, but not this time.

    Thanks for the report.

    May be small time, but they are clearly doing OK, or they wouldn't still be at it.

  • Et
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    They are working in westchester county. We got taken as did a neighbor just this eve. We stopped payment on the check.


  • M
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    Thanks for anyone who filed a complaint. I too was ignorant and taken for a 55.00 check to buy some children's encyclopedias. This happened to be a young girl maybe in her twenty's or so saying that she was trying to make some money to go "to school abroad in London", which were her exact words. She too asked if I wanted to donate the books but I said "No" being that I have children and they could use them. She too asked to come in and fill out the receipt on my dining room table. Which again I was stupid enough to let her. All the typical things that were stated in the complaints were exactly was what said to me. She also said that she lived in the area and asked me if I knew one of my neighbors by the name of "so and so". She even asked me for another name of my next door neighbors which I neglected to tell her because it was none of her business. At the end of this transaction she even gave me a hug. I feel so stupid that I let her in my home. It didn't dawn on me that this was a scam. So without delay the following day I looked on line and found all these [redacted]s. I then told my husband and we stopped payment on the check immediately and I looked for a phone number to call, but no number. It says something like we have the right to cancel within three days of the transaction. But you know what, I am one up on this so called company. I'm glad I was able to stop payment and I have learned my lesson about this company. Buyer Beware.

  • An
      23rd of Aug, 2008
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    This company sucks. A young man said that he needs us to help him out. He was talking in a strange voice. Say he needed points to go off to BBc or something In london and that hes from New York and his mother lives across the street and that she was in baltimore for 24 hours. We do not know the people across the street so we couldnt say lets go sit down with your mother. He also said she had a two month old baby and she was remarried and all that. Somewhere along the lines of making my mother pay he said he was thirsty the nerve of that guy. He said he was staying at a friend Nicks house. My brother got up and ctually gave him something to drink ick! He then leaves after we give him 40 dollars. Around 6:30 an hour later he comes back to "call" his "ride" Big mistake my mother checked the web and found this and many other things. She then checked our recent phone calls on comcast and got the guys number... bingo. She called the local police giving the description of a big white van and crreditdentials on the recipt and other things the police are looking for them now this happened yesterday. Needless to say we canceled our check.

  • Su
      3rd of Nov, 2008
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    Of all nights, Halloween, we were scammed too! In between groups of trick-or-treaters a young man came to the door to solicit us to donate a book or books to a local childrens' hospital. I got a little suspicious when he told me the hospital address and pronounced the street wrong. If he truly was from the area as he confessed to be (actually said he was the son of a neighbor down around the corner), he would definately have known how to pronounce this particular street---it is a very well known hospital and street. The second thing that was incredibly strange was that he admitted to having a little sister and that she is waiting for him to "finish up his business" so that he could take her out trick-or-treating. He only had to sell two more books and he could go home and get her. I then asked him how old she is and he stuttered and finally came up with her age and birthdate---kind of weird to give me her birthdate. Needless to say, I just got tired of him and gave him the check but felt weird about it. Today I read the receipt he left and found the website to explore this further. YIKES...I was probably scammed. I just got off the phone with my bank and they have stopped payment on the check. It is so sad to see these young people doing this crime. I vow to never purchase anything at my front door from anyone I don't know.

  • Bi
      19th of Nov, 2008
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    Same story, a young man came to the door saying he was collecting money to go to London for a play. Wrote him a check for $49.00 and it was cashed and never got the goods. Is there a place to file a formal complaint? Thanks

  • Kr
      23rd of Nov, 2008
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    Dynasty Sales - No Product!!!
    United States
    Phone: 815-791-0461

    2 Young Man came to the door on the 9th of October selling magazines to raise money for a school trip. My mother and I both bought a magazine from them and have not recieved it to this day!! Unbelieveable!!

  • At
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Dynasty Sales - Got Taken
    Dynasty Sales
    United States

    Wow! I got taken. I was very cautious and asked many questions and still got taken. It Won't happen again.

  • Ed
      11th of Jul, 2009
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    Dynasty Sales - Scam and cheating
    Dynasty Sales
    United States

    David Samson seemed a very sincere young man selling for a local school trip. for one so young he was very polished ans smooth. Would help us (parents told him he had too!) with whatever we wanted.

  • Jm
      1st of Aug, 2009
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    The recourse is to file a complaint with the consumer protection division of your state attorney generals' office. Fill out the online complaint--the more people do this the more they'll investigate...

  • Su
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    I understand the frustration. I too was bamboozled into buying a product that, 4 months later, has still to arrive. But what good does it do to write about it? As long as they can continue to crook people out of an initial payment up front, just once, they win.

  • Jm
      1st of Dec, 2010
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    Same thing here just North of Houston tonight, except the books were going to Texas Children's Hospital, the boy lived the next street over, and he was raising money for himself to take a trip to London with the local high school (I was suspicious that he didn't mention the name of the school and none of the stuff he had with him had any school affiliation on it). I told him I would be happy to buy, but that we always got the phone number of the person selling, checked out the affiliation first, and then bought after everything checked out. He didn't want to give me his number and beat a hasty retreat when I said this. Once I looked things up, I am so very glad we have this rule at my house because a cancelled check these days is $29--easier to do the research first.

  • Do
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    Dynasty Sales - Scamming for dollars
    Dynasty Sales
    United States

    They usually drive a white van with side windows (passenger van) with Arizona plates.
    They drop off their sales persons block by block and then pick them up and go to the next block and so on.
    Some of the scams they use are documented already here in this site. The conjur up a story of knowing some one in the immediate area...having a relative on the next street a name and a street they live on...
    Working their way thru ...(check one) school, college, work credit etc etc.
    They even have receipt books for the money they solicit. NO PHONE NUMBER OR ADRESS on those books or on their website.
    Phony as a three dollar bill.
    They also do NOT have I.D. or permits (in certain areas you need a permit and id card from the county/district) to show to you.
    I might suggest you call the local constabulary and have them run off.

  • St
      16th of Jan, 2012
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    Same story. Orange California. Jan 14, 2012. Kid claimed to live around the corner. Raising money for trip to London. He claimed to be a UCLA Theater student. Needed Points for a trip to London. Spent about 30 minutes in my home office. Interestly he did not bring his own pen. Most all of the detials are exactly what I have been reading. I see dates going back as far as 2008 and this is now 2012. How is it possible this can continue for so many years (with so many of the details being exactly the same -- include the name Dynasty). In any event, I stopped payment but am wondering if I need to be afraid of any return visits. The kid was a trip to say the least. When he left my home I went outside to see what he was doing down my street and noticed he was nowhere to be found. I drove around the corner and there he was on the corner waiting to be picked up. So I guess they make "one hit" and just scram. From everything I read all one can do is a stop payment. Apparently the police are in no way interested in pursuing this matter.

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