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Dynamic Financial Resolutions / can't contact them

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I have a phone and fax number but it is always busy...I am sure they scammed me for 990 dollars...any help or ideas what to do now?

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  • El
      31st of Oct, 2008
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    claimed that they would lower monthly payments by lowering my interest rate by half.

  • La
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    I got screwed with Dynamic Financial along with everyone else who has signed up with them. They offer $3, 000 in savings or your money back. That is almost more of a joke than the company itself and the hell bound people that work there.

    They say they can lower your interest rates, but they barely even try. The real way they "save" you money is by telling you to pay more than your minimum payment. Helloooo anyone with an IQ of 2 or higher knows that. I’m sure EVERYONE who calls them can barely afford their minimum payments if they can even afford that.

    Dynamic Financial is here to make things worse for you! They only add to your C.C. debt resulting in higher payments and more interest charges! They only qualifying they do is they make sure you have enough room on your cards for the $500 charge!

    As soon as I signed up, I knew they were a fraud. I tried to get my money back because I knew I would be paying off my cards all at once in about a YEAR and they wouldn't be able to save me $3, 000. They wouldn't do it until I paid off my credit cards so I had to wait. Damon(won't give last name, but he is a big shot over there) told me that if I paid off my cards in a YEAR, they wouldn't be able to show me a savings of $3, 000 or more according to my "plan" and they would HAVE to refund my money.

    A little over SIX MONTHS later, I paid off my $19, 000 in debt with one commission check. I called for my refund and they told me to submit my C.C. statements showing zero balances (assuming I wouldn’t be able to I suppose). I faxed them my statements and received a call from someone trying to be "gangster" giving me bogus reasons on why I am NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A REFUND. What kind of company takes a gangster approach with their customers?! I couldn't believe the way he was talking to me. I could not believe what I was hearing. It just confirmed that they are a SCAM!

    At first he told me they already saved me over $3, 000! I'm 6 MONTHS into my 66 MONTH plan! I told them there is no way they saved me $500 a month. He stumbled and said he would call me back. I actually show $0 in savings, but according to their "plan" I know it couldn't even be near $1, 000 in "savings". Damon called me back two minutes later and said that I have exceeded the time restriction. It's only been a few days over 6 months and they are telling me now that there is a time restriction of 6 months! When I reminded him that he told me I could get a refund a year from when I started if they didn't "save" me $3, 000, he acted like he was completely oblivious to the 6 month time restriction until now. They would have made up excuses for anything that I had to say.

    Nothing that I have recieved or signed says anything about a time restriction. I was told specifically by Damon that it is based on where you are at in your "plan" when you pay off all your debt and how much they have "saved" you to that point.

    I am glad to see this is the first website that comes up when you search Dynamic Financial. It's too bad more people don't look into things before they commit to something. I know I didn't and I completely regret it. Just keep in mind there are NO refunds with Dynamic Financial. It's not just Damon, this company and all their employees are a FRAUD.

    I am meeting with a lawyer to get to the bottom of why I am not approved for a refund. I want legal documentation that shows why I am not eligible for a refund before I let this rest. I am beyond frustrated. It states in the Mutual Service Agreement with no asterisks and no fine print that they will "Provide you with a minimum savings of $3, 000.00 in interest and finance charges or your money back".

    I understand the bull they mean by "savings" and they didn't even meet that qualification.

    I’m sure all these companies stating that you can pay off your credit cards for less than what you owe are total SCAMS!

    If hope this post helps keep money out of the devils pockets.

  • Bi
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I would love to hear if anyone actually got a refund from them. I have a mailing address and that is it.

  • Ch
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    I'm in the same situation a you are... What a shame that people live off of stealing and lieing to innocent people who think their being helped... I'm not giving in with this company until I get some sort of reimbursement..

  • Ro
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    Is there anything we can do? Are we the only ones

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