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1 New South Wales, AU Review updated:

*I ordered the Stargate Atlantis seasons1-5 boxset from dvdcollects... this is what happened.

1. despite the promise on the site of same-day shipping, the site took 3 days to update to say the product was shipped, and send me an email to let me know that had happened.

2. About a week later the company sent me a shipping number to track the parcel through Australia Post. This shipping number did not work at Aust. Post. After several emails telling me to keep trying the number, the company told me that the Post Office had returned the boxsets and that they would let me know when the item was reposted.

3. This never happened.

4. Today I received the boxset. The set is complete and a random testing of several disks suggests that they will play. However, the quality is pretty random... here's some of my observations:

1. There is no consistent menu system across the seasons... On some of the disks you have to sit through the whole title sequence of the show before getting to the menu.

2. Some menus are also displayed in chinese? not sure because I don't read chinese.

3. The menu selection is listed by chapter, not by episode. This makes it hard to know which episode you are watching.

4. This is the STINKER! - The episodes appear to have been copied from the SciFi channel. Some of the episodes start a little way into the episode, some start with a "previously on stargate atlantis". I have not yet watched enough to see whether there is any ad-breaks but it wouldn't surprise me as I have done some research since my initial purchase and read that other people have experienced this.

The verdict is as follows:

1. poor quality / probably illegally pirated material
2. poor communication
3. poor service

I would not buy from this company again, even though it was quite a bit cheaper than buying from the local retailer. Even though the show appears to play, it's just not worth the anxiety.

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  • Di
      Jul 28, 2009 - pirated dvds

    My son ordered Smallville Seasons 1-8 Box Set. The special edition box was not "New" but appeared slightly used and somewhat abused. The Season 8 DVD's actually had pictures from the series "Supernatural." The pictures on the front of most of the DVD's are grainy. The viewing quality of the DVD's are OK at best. Definitely appears to be a pirated set.

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  • An
      Sep 08, 2009 - Pirated Copies

    I also bought the smallville seasons 1-8 box set. NOT NEW AS STATED, box was torn and in ### condition, plus all dvds were pirated. Exactily the same as this other complaint as my last few discs had supernatural backgrounds on case. Biggest group of scam artists I have dealt with on the internet, i hope they all get cancer, die a slow painfull death and then their ashes get pissed on my a mangy dog. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE MOTHER###ERS

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  • Su
      Sep 12, 2009

    Also noted that nowhere on the site does it say that the DVDs are offical, just 'good qaulity', complete with many other typos and dead links.
    I was going to purchase the Lion King dvd, but noticed the black casing (Disney DVDs ALL have blue cases) and the fact the dvd was region-free. No offical dvd movie 0r tv release is region-free.

    Also the site map, should bring up a directory of the site, takes you to a chinese site.
    So yeah, don't trust them at all.
    Discovered, the 'company' were on ebay, but were banned, due to piracy, and ripping off customers.

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  • Rm
      Dec 21, 2009 - never received my order
    United States

    same as all the other complaints:

    the site took 3 days to update to say the product was shipped, and send me an email to let me know that had happened. when i did speak through a live chat, the person would say, don't worry. That should have been a clue right there.

    now, i'm looking for status of my shipment and i can't get a live operator and the number for customer support has been disconnected.

    i should have looked here before ordering from this website.

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  • Ec
      Dec 21, 2009 - did not receive dvds
    United States

    i ordered dvd's from on november 30th. here is it december 21st and i have not received them and i cannot get in
    any contact with a human being from this website. all phone numbers associated are no longer in service and no one is available in their
    online chat department.
    what a rip off!!!
    do not order from this website

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  • Ma
      Jan 18, 2010 - bootleg?????
    United States

    i havent officially received the bootleg copy yet, but i've been hearing a lot about sending bootlegs or damaged goods. it says my order is being shipped now, but i dont believe it. i read a complaint from someone else saying the tracking number they gave her didnt exist at USPS and that has happened to me as well. i wish i had done some research sooner on this site, but i guess thats the price i have to pay. is there anyway to get your money if its not legit? if so, how do i go about it?

    thx :)

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  • Jo
      Jan 25, 2010 - missing discs
    United States

    I ordered a box set of Dexter Seasons 1 - 3. Season 1 we have two Disc 5's, Season 3 we have no Disc 5. I have e-mailed the company and not received a response. Mine were packaged from China as I see in a previous complaint.

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  • Ma
      Mar 13, 2010

    I too got stiched up with fake stargate atlantis DVD's recorded from the sci-fi chanel from these crooks! But a note on regin coding, I belive DVD's for the Austrialian market are regin free because regin coding is not legal n Austrailia

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  • Fr
      Jun 03, 2010

    Hi, I actually want to buy the set ''Smallville season 1-9''. I am wondering if I should buy it... I know it's probably low quality because it's 56$ + 23$ (shipping). Either, I know that season 8 and 9 will probably have a bad viewing quality because they are recent.

    However, should I try it?

    Sorry for the bad writing, I'm French Canadian.

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  • Oi
      Jun 05, 2010 - Have not recived Product
    United States

    I ordered NCIS Seasons 1-7 on the May 30 went back online and checked my account it had all of the shipping info and everything looked good. I found the shipping info from there company it even had a tracking # I called the USPS and gave them the tracking # they said its a good # format but that # had not been issued to any package. So now I am out the money and the product.

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  • Ti
      Jun 23, 2010 - undelivered order & cant login
    523 N. Elm
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    I ordered seasons 1-7 of two and a half men. It has been about 2 weeks and I still haven't recieved my order. I tried to call the costomer service #[protected] and I got a quick 3 second message from a person who was not speaking english. I cannot get logged into my account because it will not let me. I am very dissapointed that I cannot get in contact with anyone.

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  • Si
      Jul 05, 2010

    Thank you! Saw an offer for Lost Seasons 1-6 (not yet released) that I WANTED to believe in, but couldn't. Don't believe I'll "go there." Thank you for this service!

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  • Da
      Nov 26, 2010 - just ordered the disney collection on sunday only to find out today friday site closed down by ICE - Homeland security
    b31 5qh
    England, West Midlands
    United Kingdom

    as said earlier order dvd off
    was waiting for tracking number. took money site closed down by ICE lost faith in ordering off internet now. can i get any of my money back ?

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  • Ke
      Nov 27, 2010 - Company not Legitimate
    United States

    (***Please Read All of my comments***) Fraud!!! I ordered a box set from of 3rd Rock form the sun. I've been tracking the progress of the shipping and found out today that it was shut down by ICE - Homeland security. (A great big thanks to homeland security) I called my CC company and would suggest that every one else do the same. After reading a lot of the comments it makes me wonder what else has or will happen to my CC No. If my info is over in China who knows what will happen to it. PLEASE CALL YOUR CC. COMPANY BECAUSE THEY TOO WILL GO AFTER THIS COMPANY

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  • Ke
      Nov 27, 2010

    Thanks for the tip!!!

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  • Am
      Oct 25, 2011

    I bought disney 164 DVDs Collection and then decided to google dvdcollects and to my horror so many people were saying not to order from here and that they take money from you and don't send your product out to you. However, happily, I can say they were all wrong in my case! I received this boxset this morning via Parcel Force and although the chest was a little damaged (it's from china so I guess you can expect it!), the dvds all work (of the ones I've tried). A lot of speculation has arisen about them being copies, and this is evident in the boxset especially as there are spelling mistakes and different languages actually on the cd art cover, but they're incredibly good copies if that's what they actually are, - they even have the dvd menu and the picture's amazing quality! So, for me, I would recommend them - especially with the price being so low for so many dvds! :)

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