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I ordered DVD set online and I had been waited for three weeks. The package arrived from china and I found out tha all disc messed up and some damage also some disc different movie in box. I had report to about wrong dvd box. They never reply me. I have been tried to contact them thru email several times. I think they knew it. I asked for full refund but they never answer.


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      Jul 14, 2009

    I also have bought dvds through, and was not satified with there items, most of them were copied from t.v, very disapointing indeed.

    As i thought they were original copies, i was sadly mistaken. And i would not recommend this site to anyone, i also have e-mail them many times and they have not replied, so do not order from this site.

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  • B
      Aug 07, 2009

    I also report this DVDCOLLECTS.COM company.

    every single time I asked things,
    EVERY SINGLE TIME Different person replies and say Different Things.



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  • C
      Jan 21, 2010

    I'd say they're probably not legit. I attempted to buy a box set of 'The Octopus" series 1-3, which was listed at fifty dollars US--dirt cheap as the show is hard to come by, and even used individual discs on ebay can sell for that much. I sent my cc# though, two days later I get an email telling me my order is being processed--the card transaction had been put through. Next day I get an email telling me how sorry they are, that the set I ordered is not available (even though they are still listing it on their site). Big red flag--what legitimate company processes a credit card through before ascertaining that the merchandise is in stock?! This all took place nearly two months ago, I've contacted them, and keep getting a reply that because of its' being an 'overseas transaction ' the money will take 'quite some time' to be refunded to my card--translation, in all likelihood: never. Certainly will not be doing business with them again.

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  • J
      Mar 01, 2010

    i also have just ordered through these people and haven't even received a tracking number and its been a week my advice would be to what i have just done:

    1.cancel the card you used and get a new one
    2. file a claim through your bank they will send you forms that you have to fill out and get notarized withing ten days and mailed back
    3.file a police report

    this is something we have got to take control of. after reading a lot of your stories, internet companies should not be allowed to do this. they should be taken of the network and the government is an enemy of any middle class, but in cases like this they can help. so please if you have before or just recently made transactions with this company do the above steps and we can take this company down.

    thank you,
    Jeffrey H.

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  • S
      Sep 11, 2010

    We ordered Treme and discs 1 & 3 did not play. We contacted DVDCOllects and they said "Try playing on your computer", which we had and didn't work. I don't know why they would think we wouldn't try any and every way possible to play the discs but then we asked them to either replace discs 1 & 3 or we could return the whole set for a refund. They said they would not refund us and we waited for a decent response after a few more emails. They finally said they would send us the whole package as a replacement but we never received it and now they will not answer our emails. STAY AWAY. Their discs are not even good quality copies to begin with. We will NEVER order from them again!

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