Dutton VW Sasolburgba service and maintenance

Sent my car for service but when I collected it, a few days later my car started overheating when I checked there was a part was that was missing and it fell on the fan so the fan could not cool the engine . I took my car in and they told me they have to claim from warranty and they didn't have the part. This part that got damaged by that was a thermostat and water pump. My water coolant due to over heating the liquid boiled out. They say I need to pay for R680 for this water coolant .my car stood there for 4 days and when I collected it the part that caused all of this was still broken and fastened with a salotape when I asked why didn't they fix it they told me that I must have broken it myself they will not be held liable. So in a nutshell, I send my car for service and they break my car and I end up paying for everything due to the BAD MAINTENANCE JOB and the MAINTERMANCE manager was shouting and pointing fingers at me saying I needed to pay for the water coolant as I was refusing to pay for their mistake and bad workmanship that caused 4days inconvenience in my life.

The way they slope to me and my colleague who wanted to intervene, they told him to shut up he had nothing to do with this . I have all the pictures as evidence I need help to challenge DUTTON 'VW SASOLBURG, their staff members also complain about their service department saying most customers complain but do nothing about it to change this behaviour

Hugh khumalo

Dutton VW Sasolburg
Dutton VW Sasolburg

Jul 26, 2018

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