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Dutchess County Emergency Response Team / I cannot have a legal, safe, address because of them.

1 Pleasant Valley, NY, United States

To make everyone SAFER in Dutchess County, New York the Emergency Response Team forced us to change our address in 1999, from #8 Juniper Avenue to #9 Juniper Avenue in Pleasant Valley, New York( Dutchess County). The result?? As of 2007 any pervert, or harassing person or stalker or criminal who wants to, can use my address because of their Emergency program to keep everyone safe!!! They made us change it or we would be fined. We of course followed the law! But not Luis Reyes, or Christine Minasi, or Patricia Minasi, or Mary Martin.I have filed 3 complaints with Postal Inspectors because that is what I was told to do. By the way they use it out of state also. What states? Conn. New Jersey, Florida and Texas.New Jersey even gives people who steal your address in New York the PRIVILEDGE of driving in their state with YOUR address, check and see if your New York address is listed there illegally. What was I told after filing 3 complaints? " Don't worry about it!" So now after 8 years I am harassed every day by any low life who wants to stop outside my home because The DUTCHESS COUNTY EMERGENCY RESPONSE (TO KEEP NEW YORK SAFE AND OUT OF HARMS WAY) TEAM decided I do not need a legal address. No agency will even investigate because THE EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM ( who is here to save us) decided housewives aren't entitled to that priviledge. Only the perverts who harass me are.The response of the police when I asked for help? Stop yakkety yakking or YOU ARE BEING TAKEN TO COURT, YOU WON"T RETURN THE 27 inch ARROWS SHOT AT YOU BY YOUR HARASSERS.I have all the paperwork to prove what I am saying BUT no one can look at it or respond, because then they would have to admit they made a mistake. Wow, I sure feel safe with these people in charge of life or death situations.

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