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Dust Doctor came to my home in scarborough to install a furnace in my home. Recently I called Dircet Energy to have them give me a quote on replacing my water heater. Direct Energy informed me that the company who install the furnace insulated the chimney with the incorrect size, the size was so small and this would eventually allow carbon dioxide to enter the home. Previous to this (not knowing what was happening) my cardon detector came on twice. The fire department advised to chage detectors., which we did.
I have tried five times a week to get in touch with Dust Doctor's, they are run by a Trinidadian people ( I am also Trinidadian, that's why I thought I can trust them). Sandra the receptionist keeps promising she will send some one out, another time she told me that they will replace the liner that was incorrectly done (I do have Sandi's recorded messages. I have contact TSSA (technical standards safety authority) they came out to my house and verfied the lining was not the correct size. Embridge tag my furnace and is threathenng to shut power off June 26, 2009. I have four grandchildren ages 1 to 7 living in this home.I just need what ever help is out there to help me get these people to correct there error.

Bernadine Matosas

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