DURASEAL Head Gasket repairWouldn't refund after repair and clogged oil cooler

Do not use Duraseal if you have a turbo diesel engine. I tried it on my 2008 Ford F350 6.4 diesel as a last resort after replacing my rad, hoses and other misc. cooling system items. System was air tight after doing the work as I checked with Airlift 5000 and held 25 psi for 2 minutes plus. Oil temp and coolant temps were within 2 to 7 degrees of each other before doing the Duraseal fix attempt. Did it on the weekend of 12-27-2014. After fix, drove truck at least 75 miles and coolant to oil temps deltas were 30 plus degrees without a load, more with a small load on. Local Ford mechanic encountered another person with same problem after attempting to use product. It didn't fix the head gasket problem either.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Kewaskum, WI They want you to try another attempt for free but why would you make the problem any worse. They won't refund your money after this either. There is no bending with this company. They claim to formulate for individual engines, so they should be willing to refund the money if this sort of thing happens. The tech was trying to say there was something wrong with the cooler before hand, but that's impossible with the minor temp difference. I even used there flush before doing their procedure. It would be good business practice to refund my money under these circumstances since it didn't work and it clogged a perfectly functioning oil cooler. DO NOT BUY DURASEAL!!! They are a no compromise company! They are unwilling to satisfy when the product doesn't work and does harm to components!

Dec 30, 2014

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