Dura-Coat / 739M / cracking, spliting,peeling, no warranty service

1 P.O. Box 542, Lindenhurst, NY, US
Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-590-9881

Purchased 8 gallons Duracoat Red 739M on 3-24-08. Installed on log home per specs given by P Y S. Called on 9-25-08 and returned caulking puchased for 2 more gallons of Duracoat Red 739M. Customer service was great when I purchased and even swapped items on 9-25-08. The coating held up thru the winter & spring, late summer we noticed the coating starting to split and peel. I have called many times since the first week in August 2009. We have left many nice messages asking them to call back. We haven't had a call back yet as of September 1, 2009. This product is supposed to be warrrantied for 15 years. I could only attach one photo but have many more. I also have photos of all prep work and application done.

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