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Terrible service: I would like to register a complaint regarding the absolute poor service rendered by an accredited dealer in Strand Cape Town. I regret using the services and was very disappointing regarding the explanation offered. I took in Mazda 2 on Saturday December 20, 2015 at approximately 11:00 for two new front tyres. The dealership was busy however when I arrived I was attended to. They took off my front wheels and thinking to myself oh, great job! That’s going to be quick. To my disappointment the tyres was only taken off for me to wait another hour and thirty minutes! I did not complain at that time and gave the benefit of the situation to the supplier. At 13:50 my car was eventually done with the fitting of the tyres. I subsequently paid for two additional recommended. The nitrogen filling and the alignment of the wheels. This was done at 14:00. When I drove from the property I found that the wheel alignment was completely off. I immediately returned to the dealership and had it checked. The technician then conceded that the machine they are using calibrates and the he would have to improvise. The technician attached the clamps of the alignment machines and made adjustments to the settings under the vehicle to secure the accurate settings. He then requested me to drive the vehicle. I then told him that it`s still not accurate and that the vehicle steers to the left. This never happened before since I had the vehicle for 4 years now. Since the dealership was now closed I opted to return on Monday December 22, 2015. This time my spouse returned the vehicle. The technician then called me to apologize that he used the Mazda 3 settings initially and that he now sees that it’s a Mazda 2. He then adjusted the settings to that of a Mazda 2. My spouse then left the dealership in good faith accepting that the adjustments was complete and accurate. When I returned to drive the vehicle the same day it turned out that the settings is still incorrect and that the vehicle is steering wheel shows to the right and that the vehicle swerves to the left at a sharp angle.

I brought this under the attention of the front office lady who offered to assist in the matter. My disappointment lies in the fact that my spouse was asked to determine the center of the steering wheel whilst the technician wanted to make sure the steering wheel is straight center.

My first complaint is how on earth to you ask a customer to assist in wheel alignment.

The poor craftsmanship displayed by the technician`s gross negligence putting the setting of a Mazda 3 is my second complaint. The vehicle he actually worked on was a Mazda 2.

The management of this franchise clearly disregarded the ethos and ethical nature to request a customer to assist in the setting of the steering wheel.

I then called front office with this complaint on December 23, 2015 and I was told to bring back the vehicle the next day. This only to hear that I will be 4th in line as there is other vehicles booked. In my view this type of arrogance puts the dealership in another category. Needless to say the Dunlop brand is associated with this type of people. The supreme quality of the dunlop tyres is clearly non-existent if the service standards are of such a low level. To have tyres fitted the franchise should ensure accurate and professional service but in my experience this was all absent. To have this vehicle taken back would be a pain and I look the least forward in dealing with such incompetent people.

The dealership in question can be contacted at [protected]

Request: Would you recommend any other approved Dunlop fitting dealer that would be able to rectify this mess? I do not complain about the product itself however if this is the type of service rendered from a dunlop supplier then surely they should be hold to task.

Dec 24, 2014

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