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Dr. Foster claims to be an avian vet, however after the incident, I found out he is not certified or registered as an avian vet. I took my lovebird there to have his beak trimmed, and nails trimmed-(if necessary). When Dr. Foster came into exam room to see my lovebird, after looking at him, and I looked over his nails again, told Dr. Foster-DO NOT TRIM HIS NAILS, it's not needed. I don't have any certification, but anyone could tell the bird didn't need his nails trimmed. Dr. Foster took my bird in the back away from me, which I always have my animals with me under these conditions. When my lovebird was brought back to me, he seemed fine, covered his cage and left, but upon getting him home, there was blood all over the cage. I had steptic powder to put on his foot to control the bleeding, or the bird would have died. Dr.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Dundalk, MDFoster is not my primary vet, I only took him to him because my primary vet was on vacation. I called Dr. Foster, and told him that I wanted him to pay for my vet bill for my primary vet, since he was the cause of the additional bill. My vet said it was a very botched job, and was surprised the this vet did this, he got his entire nail off. My vet had to put my lovebird on pain meds for several days, because he couldn't stand on the leg at all. I spoke to Dr. Foster telling him I felt he should either reimburse for what I paid him, or pay for the new bill. He would do neither, and then admitted that he was not an avian vet that he claims to be, and I will file a complaint with the Veterinary Association also. This man should not be practicing as something he apparently knows nothing about, nor certified to handle birds. I could have taken this to small claims court, but haven't so far. My total cost for this was $150.00 for his botched job, and the bill for taking him to my vet.

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  • Sa
      Jan 09, 2011

    I think not only should he pay for the vet bill he hould be fined by an advisory board of some sort... this is misrepresentation and malpractice. What a shame. I hope your feathered friend is doing better. :)

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  • Ro
      Jun 30, 2011

    I have heard nothing but horror stories about this man, Dr, Foster. Not only have I heard stories but I have witnessed it first hand with the death of two pets! We recently took our bunny to the vet for a hang nail, and she ended up dying, for such a simple illness! When we saw she was not getting better we took her to another vet, who then asked why did he band aid her paw, as it is common knowledge among Vets that you do not band aid rabbits. Dr. Foster did not give her any pain killers, which in turn caused her to stop eating for days. She died yesterday. This did not have to happen. If we had not taken her to such an incompetent fool ( Who I am sure does not posses a licence to practice on rabbits) I'm sure she would still be alive and well today, being her lively and loving self.

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