Duke Power / Road Hazard caused by Duke power

1 Greenville SC, United States
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We live on the corner of Piedmont Golf Course Rd. and Old gunter road. Duke Power decided they were going to trim our trees again. So far we are the only ones on Piedmont Golf course road that has been picked on. There are multi homes with trees in power lines a lot worse than ours. They came and butchered our trees like normal but left all the limbs blocking the view at the intersection. They stomped on our flowers and threw there cuttings on our plants. I have hired a company that is going to charge me $600 dollars just to repair what damage Duke Power has done. I have taken pictures and will share them. I have called Duke Power but they just laughed at me and basically said they don't care. There has already been one wreck because of Duke powers "I don't care attitude", What kind of company would leave a bunch of limbs blocking the views of drivers in a busy intersection. Its Been 3 weeks now. ?I would fix it but my wife and me are old. If someone gets killed at this intersection due to there sorry attitude, someone should be held responsible, but that won't happen. What a sorry low down company Duke Power is. Guess we don't make enough money to be important enough for them to care.
Worse Power Company in the U.S!

Jul 01, 2016

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