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Duke Energy / power outages

1 Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:

This is the slowest most disorganized response i have ever been witness to. There is zero damage to any lines anywhere around my house or my entire neighborhood. A simple transformer fix shouldn't take 7 days. That is the quote we were given. Absolutely disorganized and pathetic response to fixing residential power outages. This was a known issue that should have elicited a much swifter response. I wish we weren't under an electric company monopoly and could choose a company that cares about its customers.

Sep 13, 2017
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  13th of Sep, 2017
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I hate to assume things, but based on the date this was written and the location, I am under the impression that your power outage was a result of the hurricane. If this is the case, even though you may not have down lines in your neighborhood, the power companies are dealing with a massive crisis all around your area. They are asking their employees to put in a ton of overtime and working very hard, as well as bringing in workers from far away, to try and deal with the massive demand. Unfortunately for you, it is partially due to the fact that you have nothing seriously dangerous, like down power lines, that is probably the reason for the extended wait time...They have to deal with cases that pose serious danger and have to work on fixing the more major problems first, as they should because safety is the first priority here. The massive amount of damage to lines and the power infrastructure is going to take awhile to fix and when millions of people are out of power, they have to make certain situations a higher priority than others.Imagine you went to the doctors office for a sore throat and you are waiting to be seen by the doctor, when all of a sudden someone comes in with symptoms of a heart attack or stop breathing. The doctors are going to work on the patient first because it requires immediate attention and they need their entire staff to help them stabilize this person. Even though you are there first, and your sore throat would be quicker and easier for them to deal with, you understand that due to the critical state the other person is in, that you will have to wait longer for your turn. I know not having power is the worst, but on the upside, you are lucky that you have zero damage to any lines by your house because once they finish with the more critical situations, hopefully your power will be an easy thing for them to fix. I'm not trying to be rude or condescending, however I assure you, in situations and crises like a hurricane, the people working at the power companies are working overtime and getting very little sleep or time off.

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