Dubai First / bank delaying the card cancellation and charging me with renewal fees

I have been trying to get rid of this Dubai First credit card which was kind of imposed on me in the first place. I was told there is no renewal or registration fee.

I was charged with renewal fee in Jan 2016, i was told to keep using the card for six month to waive off the fee. I did that..
Then again last October i called the customer support to cancel my card and they did not act on time. Again in Jan 2017 i was charged with renewal fee for a card that i never use at all. Now i am calling on daily basis but there is no follow up, the fine keeps building and i have feeling i will be asked to use the card for more months to get rid of fine.

This bank has absolutely cheap tactics to build their customer base and once you are in its almost impossible to get out.

Worse customer services, no attention to customer right and outright fraudulent.

Shame on you Dubai First.

Mar 07, 2017

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