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Dual Action Cleanse / Charge 3 times already

1 CO, United States Review updated:

I ordered something called Dual Action Cleanse.
I have not received this, but I recd an invoice from GNC fro Acaia Berry which I have
not recd.
I order a "free sample" and now I understand they have shipped me something and I am being billed on a monthy program which I did not sign up for.
My credit card company called me and there is a fraudulent charge for 89.32 from
some company called Health Pharmacy. Also Billed 3.oo + twice from somewhere in
Utah, and Colorado.
So far there are 3 or states involved. I cannot believe this old lady was so stupid to get into this and how I am going to get out of it.

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  • Al
      2nd of Aug, 2009
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    Yes, Mam, you are correct; and you are-not the only one; My Name is Allen Walker of 1018 Brynn Drive, Winder Georgia and the Dual-Action Cleanse company commits fraud and without authority serves your personal and private bank information to "IRW" who without Authority has my banking information and accessed my checking account without Authority and use phonecheck on the 06-30-2009 in the amount: $ 139.75 from my checking account; a fraud alert was placed on my account and I have tried several times to contract dual action cleanse at their 800 number, and another number that is in my banks / banking record that is not a working number. This companys shipping address is in the State of California and I am contacting of the Secretary of State of the State of California, and the attorney-General of the State of California and the State of Georgia, on the matter of the fraud, stealing of the personal-private-information / the stealing of the banking information and the wirefraud committed by the Dual Action Cleanse / IRW on the June 30, 1009; I only ordered one 30 day supply and only authorized Dual Action Cleanse access one time to my checking account; however, my banking records show phoneaccess / phonecheck by the IRW, I do-not know who IRW is, and I did-not give Dual Action Cleanse any Authority to serve my personal-private information to that foreign IRW. I will not rest at any-time on this: ( fraud / identity-theft /wirefraud / mailfraud / bankfraud), and if you look at your email you will see they use the Dual Action Cleasne in the email on the shipping of the foreign-additional-shipping(: extorting funds, without the consent and without the knowledge of the person that placed only one order.

    Sorry to hear of your troubles but you are not alone


    Allen Walker
    35 East New Street
    Winder, Georgia. 30680 /

  • Me
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    The general consensus about Dual Action Cleanse seems to be problems many people have encountered with the billing and customer service of this company.All of these people willingly gave up credit card and bank account numbers on their computers and over the phone.It's so hard to feel sorry for those who choose to give up personal information about themselves to whomever asks them to.We've all been warned over and over, and over again not to give out personal information over the phone or internet!!Many warnings have been posted for us everywhere telling us not to do business or give out information with companies we don't know- but over and over again, the complaints still continue to be the same.I got screwed giving out my personal information to someone I didn't know.And, I'm sorry but when I try to read through all the complaints, the m.o. is always the same.Looking at the spelling and grammatical errors(simple errors mind you)it's so hard not to be asking yourself if people can't spell, and learned nothing in school about simple grammar, does everything in their lives mimic this?Are we as dumb as our writing looks?I know I can't be the only one thinking this!Our writing shows just how well we listen and follow directions.No wonder other countries see Americans as idiots!Just try and read our writing!Do we hav a write to asking for our moneys back cuz I thinks your companys shady, and doesn't listen to its customers???!!!It's too bad too.This product actually works really well, as long as you exercise, eat a lowfat diet, and make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids.It's not completely without side effects.I've experienced some minor cramping that gets worse if I eat foods that are higher in fat.I've been on this product for almost a month, and I've lost a pound every other day for a total of 15 pounds so far.I know that there is no product out there that is 100% pain free, side effect free, or is a breeze to use.I think that's why this product has been so successful for me.I never expected a miracle product because there's no such thing.I also bought this product at my local Walgreens store instead of buying it on the internet.I've just purchased my second box of Dual Action Cleanse because I believe this product works.I underwent a liver transplant several years ago, and this product has been safe for me(with a doctor's approval)so it should be safe for most.It has made my stool softer, so I do not recommend it to anyone who suffers from any type of irritable bowel syndrome.This product has done for me what it said it would do.Melanie, Wisconsin

  • Pe
      12th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    You know Melanie, if you want to comment on folks misfortunes and praise your own success, you are no different than those crooks. You mention folks that want their moneys (it's actually spelled monies) back for a product they never got or Customer Service that don't listen. I really think that's an actual valid reason to receive their monies in some sort of refund. Maybe you need to return to school and brush up on your simple grammar, b/c it's seriously lacking. Since you were once screwed, as you put it, you should know how that feels and sympathize with fellow Americans and offer workable solutions to attack corrupt companies such as these.

    However, you boost about how smart you are and how dumb everybody (other Americans) are. Like I mentioned earlier, you're not that smart. Smart folks don't look for quick, LAZY, fixes to the same problems that have existed over hundreds of thousands of years. These problems were fixes the ole (I meant to spell it like that) fashion way, thru exercise, beneficial natural foods and plenty of water, not just fluids.

    I'm a person that does ones due diligence, that means research. What I have researched about Dual Action Cleanse is that it uses a combination of natural herbs and sales that to the public, which someone could drop by their local vitamin shoppe to get themselves. This is what I would offer to the general public is to do stuff for themselves, they'll save their monies and a lot of grief in the long run. Also, for the postings above, research if there is any existing Class Action Lawsuits and add yours to it and good luck to you.

    Oh yeah, one more thing, there's a saying Americans use, Melanie, if you don't like the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave", you can see your (#**#*) out.

  • Sh
      18th of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    I cannot feel sorry for people who give out their information online or on the phone. Why? Because I am a regular person who can easily pay the television network $150k to run my bogus company ad and market a product then screw all those customers who call in to give me their info. The television network will not say "Oh, Mr Irwin, we cannot accept your money because you have been accused of fraudulent acts..."- um no, they will accept money regardless. 1) you placed the call not reading the fine print on television which states your information will be forwarded to third-party and 2) you should have recorded the conversation to successfully settle any punitive damages. Without doing that, you agree to be billed repeatedly until you miraculously contact the company. With that being said next time you order by phone follow these SIMPLE instructions:
    #1- let the cust. serv rep know you will record the conversation for proof that any wrong-doing or misunderstanding is commited
    #2- if you do not want your information to be forwarded you would have to specifically tell the cust. serv rep
    PLAIN AND SIMPLE. IF not, then they will do whatever they want and hope you never find out.

    AND aside customer service complaints everyone seems to have, I bought the product @ my nearest Walmart and it works wonders.

    That's all.

  • Su
      7th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes
    Dual Action Cleanse - Beware
    Dual Action Cleanse
    United States

    I saw Mr. Irwin on TV, I purchased his dual action cleanse. Then I was called to pay $1.00 for valueplus, when I called to cancel the valueplus, I had been charged $19.95!! Then I called for my 30 day refund on the dualcleanse that did not work, and they hung on me 4 times. I still have not gotten thru!! I have to go to the bank and stop any more charges of $59.99 to my account!!! Please BEWARE!!

  • An
      3rd of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes
    Dual Action Cleanse - Paid for product I did,nt authorize
    Dual Action Cleanse
    United States

    Back in 08 I watched a commercial for Dual Action Cleanse.I was always about being healthy or trying to be.Also I listened intently and the product sounded great, so I ordered it.I only wanted to try it out for a month or two for the price of $127 .Now almost a year and a half later I found out they, ve been charging me $127 a month for that length of time .I did, nt sign up for that.Even though it, s been that long, I have, nt used the products their still in boxes and I, m wondering if I can get any of my money back.Would appreciate any feedback.

  • Je
      3rd of Aug, 2016
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    Dual Action Cleanse - Biggest waste of my time
    Dual Action Cleanse
    United States

    I ordered the Dual Action Cleanse a month ago. I tried it and didn't see any effect. I tried it out and that was it. I had no plans on using it continuosly.

    This week I received a email from the company saying that my second shipment is on its way. I checked my bank accout, and there was a charge for the shipment.

    This company states that you are to only use the product every other month. Yet they shipped me a month supply of the product just 3, 5 weeks later.

    I contacted my bank and complained that I had an unauthorized transaction from this company. They suggested canceling the card and getting a new one. I also called the company and complained about the second shipment. They tried to locate my order and could not. I gave them my address, name, receipt number, everything, but there was no record of my order. Strange...

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