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A customer service representative from Idearc Media contacted me in September of 2007 to offer the services. I requested that the representative send me something in writing so that I could review the services that are offered. I never received this document. The service was activated. In October I received a bill and called to state that I never received the document requested and want to cancel the service. I spoke to a representative named Darryl. I explained that I never received the document requested and that I do not want this service. He advised that he would cancel the service and remove the billing. Inspite of this conversation I continued to receive billing. In December I called again and explained that I previously spoke to a representative who was supposed to cancel the service but that I was still being billed. At that point that representative advised that the person I previously spoke too had not cancelled the service. They advised that they would cancel the service. Once again this person also did not follow through on what they said. In addition to myself another person contacted this company to advise that we did not want this service. I myself again spoke to a representative from this company in January to once again say that I was being billed and did not want the service. Inspite of the multiple calls to this company this service was not cancelled. In approximately September 2008 a person from a Collection agency contacted me regarding the outstanding bill. I explained what has happened. She advised that the company has acknowledged that they have had issues of this nature which has caused customers to continue to be billed and that they were taking accountability for those practices. Therefore, they were willing to settle for 50% of the outstanding amount. I told the collection person that I felt if was unfair that we would still be responsible for 50% of the bill due to this company's negligence. I advised that we should not be responsible for anything considering the billing was due to this company's negligence. I asked why should we be liable for a company who has customer service representatives who fail to follow through. I advised the only amount I would be willing to pay was for the first month's bill since I should have just called them after I never received the document I requested. I told her in full honesty we should not be responsible for any of it but I would pay that amount to resolve this issue. She then stated that the reason they did not cancel it was because you have to send a writtern letter to cancel it. I told her that in all the representatives that I spoke to none of them ever mentioned that I needed to write a letter. Otherwise it would not be cancelled. She said that is why the company is willing to settle for 50% of the bill. This is very unethical and unacceptable business practices. It is unreasonable to expect customers to suffer because of a companies negligent business practices.

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  • Id
      Jun 10, 2009

    We are never pleased when one of our clients is unhappy. Please give me the opportunity to review your issue. I promise someone will get back to you within 48 hours with an update. Please provide me with the following information and email back to me at: [protected]

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  • Pa
      Jun 13, 2009

    i filed a civil claim against Idearc Media LLC/Jennifer L. Swann. The case number is SC11C0013202 It would be nice if you could send a letter to Justice of the Peace Precinct 1, Place 1, Judge Dale Gorczynski, 7300 N. Shepherd, room 138, Houston, Texas [protected] and give your experiences with this company and their tactics. I have gone to his court before and know he will read the letters and have an understanding on the complaints.

    Thanks, Patrick David Rawls

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